Lobe Sciences (LOBE.C) entered into a production and supply agreement with psychedelics biotech company, HAVN Life Sciences (HAVN.C) today, for their Vitamind line of functional mushrooms, according to a press release.

The agreement has HAVN doing production and supply for Vitamind line of plant-based compounds and non-psychoactive mushrooms. They company picked up Vitamind earlier this month.

“We are very happy to enter into this agreement with a partner that is harmoniously dedicated to development of innovative products. Our agreement also reflects Lobe’s continued ability to collaborate and execute on transactions providing value to shareholders,” said Philip Young, CEO and director of Lobe.

Lobe Sciences is a life sciences company involved in the psychedelics space, which through select collaborations with other movers in the industry, is working on drug research and development using psychedelic compounds. Primarily, they’re working on developing devices and delivery systems to improve mental health and wellness. HAVN Life Sciences, more specifically, is looking into standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds, natural healthcare product development, and mental health treatment to support brain health and enhancement of the capabilities of the mind.


Vitamind is the brand name for Lobe’s non-psychedelic functional mushroom products, which includes three specific product lines focused on boosting immune response and increasing mental clarity. These aren’t the white mushrooms you buy in the grocery store. Instead, they’re the storied mushrooms from dense forests or found growing in clusters on fallen logs, or even high in the Himalayan mountains somehow parasitically involved with caterpillars.

Specifically, Vitamind’s line are adaptogenic functional mushroom extract blends. An adaptogen is a non-toxic plant marketed as helping the body develop resistances to either physical, chemical or biological stresses. They’re commonly found in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, and yes, they’ve grown in popularity today.

The products include a blend of reishi, cordyceps (parasitic caterpillar fungus) lion’s mane, turkey tail, mesima, maitake, bacopa and shiitake mushrooms. At present, Vitamind has three product lines: 911 IMMUNITY, 911 IMMUNITEA, and LIFE HACK, and multiple delivery systems ranging from teas, capsules and powder.

Source: stockwatch.com

Lobe is down a penny today, and presently trading at $0.10.

—Joseph Morton

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