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July 24, 2024


Investment information for the new generation


Capital Markets Program

Equity.Guru believes in one very important rule when it comes to sharing information about investment opportunities in the North American markets: Honesty is the most important marketing tool there is.

The Legitimacy Play

That may seem a bit on the nose, like something any marketer would say, but in reality, honesty is often the first victim of a push to get eyes on a story.

We don’t ‘sell’ client companies to our readers, and we don’t ‘sell’ our favour to those companies.

We charge companies to pay attention to them, telling both those clients and our readers that we are committed to the process of being open, honest, and clear to all concerned.

If a client company does the wrong thing, it’s important we don’t hide the fact, because when we have positive things to say about that company, we want our readers to trust in those words, knowing we haven’t sold them out in the past.

So, yeah, we provide market awareness programs, but those are only effective when part of a three-pillared commitment from client, publisher, and reader, that we treat each other with respect, trust, and integrity.

What We Do



Honest journalism about honest public companies making their best efforts to help shareholders make money.


Provide information and analysis that doesn’t have to hide behind lengthy disclosure statements that warn you not to believe what we write.


Approachability & Accessibility

Multi-platform content bringing information anyone can understand to a growing, diverse, and young investor crowd.



Work with clients to help them with their messaging, strategy, and even investor lead generation.

What We Don't Do



Honest journalism about honest public companies making their best efforts to help shareholders make money.


Tell readers to buy or sell your stock

That decision is on them.

Discount Our Rates

We’re picky about the companies we work with and, if you can’t afford our program, it would be hard to suggest to readers that your business is in a strong financial position.


Short the stocks we write about



No punches pulled, no BS accepted, no investor left behind.