Manganese X

Manganese X (MN.V) Breakout Triggers 80% move as Tesla (TSLA) and Nio Hit Record Highs

Manganese X (MN.V) has been on breakout reversal watch since December 2020. Strong 80% plus move with 8.33 million shares traded! The fundamental news was Battery Hill favourable metallurgical results. Going forward, the stock is in a new uptrend cycle and we expect this momentum to continue. Democratic green energy spending, and Electric Vehicle stock moves such as Tesla and Nio provide further catalysts.

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New Year 2021 Market Outlook: Gold Price Over $3000? Ready to Repeat 2008 180% Move?

Be very excited for Gold in 2021 and beyond. The technicals and the fundamentals are duplicating that of 2008, where we saw a 180% move! In this Market Moment post, I break down what I am seeing in the chart currently, and how this is a carbon copy of 2008. The technicals are the same, and the fundamentals are more extreme! What we are seeing in Bitcoin is indicating a move out of Fiat. Gold, Silver and other commodities are set to have a great year ahead.

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