Tesla (TSLA) Weighs Down the Nasdaq. How Low Can the Stock Go?

Tesla (TSLA) stock has confirmed a breakdown reversal pattern, and dropped towards our first target. We got great follow through today, but Stocks are now getting a bid due to Fed Chair Jerome Powell easing fears. Both Tesla and Apple impact the Nasdaq greatly, and is the reason why the tech index lead the other markets downwards…however we are at a major zone where we could expect to see buyers step in.

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Last Mile Holdings (MILE.V): A micro-sized macro transport revolution just begging to be done right

Micro-mobility ride-sharing, which is the terminology that’s been coined for e-scooters, bike-shares, mopeds and the like, is clearly an idea that has a future. Small enough to park anywhere (we’ll get to the dark side of that in a second), cheap enough to mass produce, able to be electrified and charged easily, and tied to a payment app that tracks a load of data, this business concept has everything going for it – and is being fucked up by just about everyone involved.

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There’s no place like home: 3D Sustainable Developments prints an answer to the global housing crisis

Canada more than doubles the Indian subcontinent in terms of land mass, but its population of 37.59 million is a 2.8% sliver of India’s 1.3 billion – that’s 4 people per square kilometre compared to 420. Interestingly, both India and Canada are in the middle of a serious housing crisis that threatens to break the spine of India’s economic miracle and stab at the heart of Canada’s social stability. Will anyone be able to save us from this fate before it’s too late?

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