There’s no place like home: 3D Sustainable Developments prints an answer to the global housing crisis

Canada more than doubles the Indian subcontinent in terms of land mass, but its population of 37.59 million is a 2.8% sliver of India’s 1.3 billion – that’s 4 people per square kilometre compared to 420. Interestingly, both India and Canada are in the middle of a serious housing crisis that threatens to break the spine of India’s economic miracle and stab at the heart of Canada’s social stability. Will anyone be able to save us from this fate before it's too late?

Germany’s corporate codetermination – cunningly co-committed or cataclysmically codependent?

Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act (ACA) threatens to level the corporate playing field in America by bringing labor into the boardroom. Understandably, industrial lobbyists have crawled out of the rot of Washington’s woodwork to lambaste the ACA as a useless partisan ploy bent on destroying U.S. entrepreneurial spirit. So, is corporate codetermination cunningly co-committed or just cataclysmically codependent?

Pepsi, Nestle and Amazon: asymmetric risk and monopoly control

Two hundred years after the Sherman Anti-trust Act brought about the fall of Rockefeller’s monopoly control, Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren pushed for America to once again decide whether Pepsi (PEP.NASDAQ), Nestle (NESN.SWX) and Amazon (AMZN.NASDAQ) are agreeable corporate spouses or abusive partners slipping in after a trial separation, but in the age of post-modern capitalism are they just promoting ineffective black-and-white partisan politics in a complex world of grays?

Biogen (BIIB.NASDAQ) and the brain death of big pharma

Ever since the greasy arrogant squirrel-faced grin of Martin Shkreli turned our collective stomach, big pharma has come under fire for their pricing practices. Pharma execs, often paid up to 300 times more than their average employee, shot back that research and development costs were crippling and all that needed to be paid for with healthy profit margins. Should we just buck up and shut up, or are we witnessing the brain death of big pharma?

Equity.Guru podcast: A Closer Look – Rare earth metals miner, Defense Metals (DEFN.V), proving out impressive chemistry at BC property

Rare earth metals were little known before 1960, but in the sixty years since, it has become the foundation for our technologically driven society. You can find rare earth metals in nearly everything electronic from rechargeable batteries to missile guidance systems. There are no substitutes and if there is any supply chain squeezes, the manufacturing of all those convenient and necessary devices that make our life modern, would promptly grind to a halt.

India, Italy, Brazil, China and Spain or how sovereign debt smashed BRICS and deflated the EU dream

The financial crisis of 2007 wiped trillions off our global financial ledger. National economies reeled in the wake of banking’s biggest boo-boo since Reagan’s deregulation of the American Savings and Loan industry triggered the failure of almost two-thirds of the 3,234 savings and loans institutions in the United States from 1986 to 1995. Now, sovereign debt threatens to break the back of our world economy. How did we get here?