Bitcoin’s recovery is a study in the coronavirus, fear and reactionary swings (Crosspost)

Bitcoin’s volatility is hard to gauge. Minor spikes and dips happen all the time, and what cryptocurrency enthusiasts consider to be minor are catastrophic and atmospheric bounces to traditional stocks and bonds. But when the shit hits the fan it really distributes the proceeds widely, as we saw earlier this month as the effects of the coronavirus caused a monumental dive in Bitcoin’s fortunes. Since then, though, it’s been in recovery. First in drips and drabs, and then occasionally in large 10% bounces and finally to where we are today, with Bitcoin’s price resting at roughly between $9,000 and $9,500, which is up from its lowest point three weeks ago at $6,773.20.

CUI Global (CUI.Q) remembers the dying planet by getting into solar

Remember the halcyon days where the biggest global concern was the warming planet? It seems like a long time ago, but it was maybe a month ago. It’s true that the decreased boat traffic through the waterways of Venice have let some of the sediment settle, leaving the canals looking clean. The lack of intercontinental cruise-ship travel has slowed the spread of invasive species. Yet, despite claims that the earth is starting to slowly encroach on human dominion once again, the climate isn’t really improving. We still have all the same problems—it’s just that the news media (guilty!) has a brand new shiny story to direct our attention so we can direct your attention.

CVS Health (CVS.NYSE) offers solace for unemployed people forced to pay rent during COVID-19

Being working class in the United States in the time of Donald Trump is a curious endeavour. The stories coming from some of my friends to the south would turn your hair white. Otherwise bright, hard-working people, who because of a pre-existing condition find themselves out on the lam in terms of medical costs, so they have to pay a substantial amount of their savings for a sprained ankle. Then there’s the lack of federal support during COVID-19, including Trump’s now world-famous tweet about reopening the country for business despite the virus for fear of tanking the economy.