Tech bully Google (GOOG.Q) in Supreme Court showdown with Oracle (ORCL.NYSE) and friends over stolen code

The story begins back in 2010 when Google (GOOG.Q) stole 11,000 lines of Oracle’s original code, said it was open source, and starting throwing money at high priced lawyers to make their legal problems go away. They didn’t. Instead, Oracle (ORCL.NYSE) rode them from the district courts of California to the doors of the Supreme Court, which wouldn’t even hear the case and instead told Google to get bent.

Fire in the hole: Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) drops rough financials as expected, transition afoot

Ontario-based Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) released its Q2 2020 financials today and there were few surprises contained in its pages, bar perhaps the size of the quarterly loss. At a $17.3 million net loss after taxes (and a $10.4 million loss in adjusted EBITDA terms), FIRE shares fell in value below the $0.40 mark it's been hovering around for some time, a 5% drop in real terms. Previous quarters had seen smaller losses, even come close to break even. But even the rosiest-eyed fanboy would have expected these numbers to be rough, considering the CEO change and staff layoffs announced earlier in the year.  We predicted as much a week ago.