Thursday Recap: No Rate Cut for India & Aramco’s IPO

Aramco IPO is here The oil-producing giant has priced its initial public offering at the high end of the target range to give it a total valuation of $1.7 trillion. 3 billion shares will be sold, which means investors will have the opportunity to buy a grand total of - wait for it - 1.5% stake of the company. On the Saudi Exchange, the high of the valuation target is 32 Saudi Riyals, ($8.53), a total offering of $25.6 billion.

Equity.Guru podcast: A Closer Look – Ampd Ventures (AMPD.C) paves the way for Web 3.0

The evolution of the web. Photo courtesy of Blockgeeks Web 3.0 is still being defined but experts believe it will create a deeply indexed information superhighway not only serving its users with a unique experience based on preference, but it will also support an army of artificially intelligent virtual agents capable of analyzing petabytes of unstructured data and returning actionable results. Sounds brilliant, but hard realities like the one-size-fits all cloud solutions offered by AWS and the relative immutability of the speed of light, our current system would crumble under the weight of Web 3.0. Companies like Ampd Ventures (AMPD.C) are positioning to facilitate Web 3.0 with their leading-edge last-mile high performance computing solutions.

Experion Holdings (EXP.V) banks on premium cannabis offerings to steer through stormy weather

The other day at a house-party I was put on the spot during an argument about cannabis. Two of my friends wanted to know exactly what constituted premium cannabis and turned to me as the guy they know who writes about this stuff on a semi-regular basis. Normally, I’d answer, but I honestly flailed around for a good five seconds while I tried to think of the answer—terpenes? Higher concentrations of cannabinoids? Those little crystals like on Gotti’s Gold? Damn—so I naturally reminded them that I’m not their private library, and “oh hey, don’t you have the world’s store of knowledge in the palm of your hand?”