iAnthus (IAN.C) defaults on debenture payments – but is that a weakness or a tactic?

Long time readers know, a year or two back, we wrote a lot about a US multi-state operator (MSO) in the cannabis dispensary space, iAnthus (IAN.C). We liked the company as it accelerated its dispensary acquisition program but stopped coverage in early 2019, with the shareprice in the $5 range, as it began to overpay for assets in a land grab with competitors we believed would ultimately have few winners. Today, iAnthus has put out some uncomfortable news announcing that, because it is involved in a lawsuit with creditors, it has chosen to default on debenture interest payments.

Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) is a serious auto financing business that, admittedly, resembles a pump

I have a list of companies that want me to write about them that, for the last few years, has never got to an end. Heck, the list of companies that’ll pay me to look at them rarely gets to zero, and they take precedence over the freebies. So when I spot something in the wild that people are talking about but isn’t on one of those lists, it may take me a while to get around to seeing what all the fuss is about. Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) has been shown up a lot in my social media timelines for a while now, touted by folks I know and sometimes even trust, so I thought I might as well set aside some quarantine time to look it over.

The market is up, but it’s all theatre: Don’t let The Fed’s buying suck you in

Trust me, there’s nothing I’d like more, as the publisher of a financial markets-focused media outlet, than to tell you all it’s time to buy back in on these ailing markets. I’ve got clients who’d reward me well if I were to convince you that it’d be a good idea to buy their stock in the middle of a stock slide. I’ve got employees that I’m still paying and not laying off that are ready to do their thing and share good investing opportunities with you all, especially at a time when you’re all at home looking for information.