Does increased surveillance during the coronavirus crisis presage the death of privacy?

Given the inherent immutability of the blockchain technology, it’s a popular choice for projects that involve creating verifiable databases to ensure that information integrity is maintained, and this is especially important when lives are at stake. But there are some lingering questions involving users privacy, especially regarding these coronavirus tracking apps. Governments are introducing intrusive surveillance systems to track the virus, and the principle question being asked is whether or not we can trust them to remove them once COVID-19 is contained.

Riot Blockchain (RIOT.Q) is prepared for next month’s bitcoin halving

If you’re involved or invested anywhere in the cryptocurrency space, then you know that the Bitcoin halving is the biggest event on everyone’s minds. If you’re someone who invests in cryptocurrency mining companies, then you’re probably busy looking at how your investments stack when competing against other companies, and you should be. The halving is going to produce a seismic shock in the way miners do business, and send ripples through the entire community. This is the only asset class where the entire infrastructure shifts every four years to meet an artificially induced change in supply.

Torque Esports (GAME.V) provides a sports alternative to bring families together

I wasn’t a fan of major league sports until I was about 11. The reason is actually fairly sad, and maybe a little cute. (At least my wife thought it was cute.) It was because it distracted the adults away from my crazy Dennis-the-Menace style antics, and refocused their attention on the television for hours at at time, instead of on me, where I felt it belonged. Then the Jays won the World Series, and the Leafs reached the third round of the playoffs in ’92, and I caught the hockey bug myself—bothering my Dad for a stick, a glove and some pads, so I could get my sports fix with the neighbour kids and practice my wrist shot like Wendell Clark, or perfect my butterfly like Felix Potvin.

Hive Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.V) refuses to panic, and makes most of bad situation (Crosspost)

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic brought on and continues to bring on some serious questions for every segment of the market, and that includes cryptocurrency. Within two days, Bitcoin was slashed in half as investors pulled their money out in droves and it seemed that almost overnight the question of whether or not Bitcoin was a safe-haven currency had been resolved. But neither was gold. The sharp truth was that panic had set in and nothing and no one was safe from this new economic reality.