Google (GOOG.Q) controls the flow of information and is now coming for your money

Next up in dystopian nightmare fuel—Google (GOOG.Q) wants to handle your money. The company is preparing to offer checking accounts to consumers starting next year. Google’s project is presently being called “Cache,” and it will be in conjunction with banks and credit unions. The latter will offer the checking accounts, […]

Naturally Splendid Enterprises (NSP.V) displays forward thinking with their plant-based energy bites

Naturally Splendid Enterprises (NSP.V) has made a smart choice by manufacturing plant-based energy bites for an international, sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle company. Having a diversified product portfolio to fall back on is never a bad option, especially with what’s been happening in cannabis over the past few months. Cannabis […]

Agraflora Organics (AGRA.C) kicks off their edibles adventure in Winnipeg

Everyone who’s ever gotten into edibles has a story about their first time. Mine takes place in Winnipeg. I’d finished off a journalism school internship for an arts and culture magazine where during the course of executing my duties I’d made the acquaintance of a young baker who worked for […]

Vuzix (VUZI.Q) augmented reality glasses provide security options in real-time

Earlier this year, Hagrid from Harry Potter got lost in our closet and rather than call security, my wife had a hell of a time getting him out. This is the new normal.  In the future, characters from popular fandoms will appear in our closets overnight and struggle to get […]