Good afternoon! Today I’m being a good boy and highlighting some moves our clients are making. I like to be the cheerleader for good companies that see value in what we do. I also like to knock our clients down a peg if they screw up. My prose is for sale…. not my integrity. You can only lease that.

Metalla hits Tier 1 on the TSX.

Metalla (MTA.C) is a metal and royalty streaming company. Today they announced they would be trading on as a Tier 1 listing on the TSX starting February 2nd.

The stock is hovering at about the same level for the last few days, but this promotion will give the greenlight to some big investors to buy in. If you have some of this one, hold tight… you may see a nice big bump on Thursday.

If you don’t well – there’s 24 hours to go before the bump.

Any other analysis of the company would be a pale shadow of what Peter Epstein put together in November, you can check it out, and some of our other Metalla coverage below.

Previous Metalla coverage:

Golden Leaf (GLH.C) growing. Closes another private placement for 17.4m.

Golden Lesf is like my pet project. I’ve been following their rollercoaster of a ride since I joined. I was given to understand the place used to be a dumpster fire. Since I’ve been watching the company they’ve made all the right moves, and frankly I’ve been feeling the market’s been punishing them for past sins.

Accounting for the overall market spikes, the stock is in a better place now than it was last fall. With this new infusion of cash, and an actual operating production facility growing its first crop, to be harvested in the next 90 days — the stock still seems undervalued to me.

Basically, once that first crop comes in sometime this spring, I think a lot of people will take a second look at this stock.

Previous GLH coverage:

A Weed By Any Other Name? DOJA (HIKU.C) and Calyx (CYX.C) get new names.

Finally, a heads up that DOJA is now known as Hiku Brands and will now trade under the symbol HIKU. Shared began trading under that name today.

Not much to say – seems abrupt to me, but makes sense considering their asian focus and merger with Tokyo Smoke.

Calyx BioVentures will now be called just Calyx Ventures (CYX.C)

I’ll just leave this quote here:

“This name change will better reflect the focus of the company as a diversified provider of software solutions to the indoor agriculture, cannabis, and blockchain technology sectors. The change of name will be effective at the open of markets on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. There will be no change to the company’s ticker symbol in connection with the name change.”

Okay then.

DOJA (HIKU) Coverage:

Calyx Coverage:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Every company in this piece is a client and we own stock. 
NB: Doja Cannabis (“DOJA”) announced a name and symbol change on January 30th, 2018 as a result of its merger with TS Brandco Holdings Inc. (“Tokyo Smoke”). Effective 31 January 2018, the company trades as Hiku Brands under the ticker symbol HIKU.C

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Stephan Herman

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