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October 05, 2022


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Blockchain Foundry (BCFN.C) and House of Kibaa bring NFT to life in the extended reality space

Blockchain Foundry (BCFN.C) has inked a blockchain development agreement with House of Kibaa to build an extended reality non-fungible token marketplace, according to a press release.


The company drew in the attention of House of Kibaa because of their latest Syscoin update, which accompanied with some of the latest advances in augmentation, means their interests could align. BCFN will leverage House of Kibaa’s artistic perspectives while providing the blockchain-related technical know-how in building a NFT marketplace on Syscoin LUX.


“We are extremely happy to be working with a blockchain solution that has been in the space since 2014. Syscoin/Blockchain Foundry’s wealth of experience not only provides us with solutions to our problems but will also help pioneer the innovation of XR NFTs,” said Jason Nguyen, chief executive officer of House of Kibaa.

What is House of Kibaa

House of Kibaa is a digital studio that specializes in the creation of exclusive non-fungible tokens for the augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, which they call Xtended Reality. These are custom avatars, costumes, environments, skins, mounts and vehicles giving gamers the chance to customize their look. Basically, it’s a shack for customization and added-value. If a player wanted their avatar in a VR game to look like the lovechild of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Lion-O, the leader of the Thundercats, they could totally do it. The only limitations are the creativity of the pursuer.


But it’s really the expansion of BCFN’s consultation practice that’s important here. House of Kibaa came on because of the recent Syscoin LUX development, and recently, Blockchain Foundry hired Fulvio Ciano to oversee their consulting wing and associated software delivery. They’ve since expanded their consulting team and shuffled some resources their way to help with product development.

“Our consulting business has benefited from growing interest in new business opportunities enabled by advances in blockchain technology and increasing user awareness of its advantages. We have seen a significant improvement in our consulting opportunities and the spectrum of projects we are engaged in,” said Fulvio Ciano, head of BCF’s consulting practice.


BCFN is up a penny today and trading at $0.31.


—Joseph Morton

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