Better Plant Sciences’ (PLNT.C) new Jusu e-commerce site puts rebrand on display


Better Plant Sciences (PLNT.C) launched their new Jusu e-commerce site and the Jusu product rebrand following their acquisition of plant-based products company Jusu, today, according to a press release.

The revamped website includes an inventory of 44 newly branded plant-based products, and the company intends on expanding this number by 55 products from their Jusu catalogue within the next year.

“I am very excited about the launch of the new getjusu.com website. It makes it easy for customers by giving them a one-stop-shop to tap into the vast catalogue of plant-based wellness products that Jusu Wellness has to offer. We plan to continue to iterate the online experience of the website so that we can create what feels like a partnership between our products, and our amazing customers,” said Gabriel Villablanca, director of ecommerce for Better Plant.

Jusu Wellness is a subsidiary of Better Plant, and they own the full spectrum wellness brand, Jusu. They make pure, organic, plant-based products for consumption, body and personal care. They have one Jusu Bar location in Victoria, B.C. and offer franchise opportunities as well as a direct-to-consumer consumer product, including cold-pressed juices, skin care and body products, aromatherapy and home cleaning lines.

The company’s site is designed to increase conversions and improve the overall customer experience. Its navigation has been improved over previous iterations, and possesses an approach that centres the customer to create a shopping experience across Jusu’s entire catalogue. It also comes with increased video features to better engage the customer.

Next up in line for the company are incentives programs, including a points-focused rewards program that promises customers access to exclusive content as a reward for participation. They will also be offering further bundles of their popular products and scents so they can give customers the opportunity to try before they buy.

—Joseph Morton

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