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February 08, 2023


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Beauty Night Society

Better Plant Sciences (PLNT.C) and Beauty Night Society raise funds for women living in the downtown eastside

Better Plant Sciences (PLNT.C) and Caroline MacGillivray, the executive director and founder of Beauty Night Society have agreed to raise funds for Beauty Night’s virtual counselling program, according to a press release.


Beauty Night Society is a Vancouver-based organization that’s spent the past 20 years giving makeovers to 85,000 women living in poverty on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.


“What we offer is important as there has been an increase in overdoses and domestic violence since the beginning of the pandemic. The past 18 months have highlighted the importance of connection, community and support for mental health. We are excited about this collaboration with Urban Juve! Every dollar counts. I am so grateful to be the charity of choice and to raise money for the self-esteem-building work we do through Beauty Night Society. We can’t wait until we can offer in-person programming (in addition to our on-line counselling, life skills, meditation, journalling and DIY beauty treatments) to let the women we work with enjoy the ayurvedic benefits of the oil and healthy touch,” said Caroline MacGillivray.


Better Plant sells plant based products for the health and wellness sector. They have 90 proprietary products under the brands Jusu, Urban Juve and Wright & Well. Better Plant also operates Jusu Bar, which is a restaurant in Victoria, B.C., which serves fresh, healthy and nutritious options with Jusu cold-pressed juices. In terms of distribution, they’ve got the e-commerce angle down as well as retail stores, wholesalers, grocers, restaurants and cleaning companies. Now they’re getting into mushrooms through their sizeable ownership interest in NeonMind Biosciences (NEON.C), which sells medicinal mushroom infused coffees, and is developing obesity-treatments using psychedelic mushrooms.


“We are supportive of the stated values of Beauty Night Society that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and that regardless of socio-economic status, no one deserves to be invisible and isolated from the community. Better Plant is eager to continue to provide resources to help Beauty Night Society in its mission to build self esteem and change the lives of women and youth living in poverty,” says Penny White, Better Plant’s chief executive officer.


The company has put their Asana body and massage oil up on their Urban Juve website, with 40% of each sale will go directly to Beauty Night Society.

—Joseph Morton

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