Mind Medicine (MNMD.Q) announced the addition of Dr. Peter Bergethon to their Scientific Advisory Board.

Bergethon is a “world-leading” expert in neurology, digital medicine, and central nervous system (CNS) drug development. He also has 30 years of experience in academia, having been a Professor at Boston University and Tufts University.

Bergethon is a “world-leading” expert in neurology, digital medicine, and central nervous system (CNS) drug development.

Dr. Bergethon is currently the Vice President and Head of Digital and Quantitative Medicine at Biogen, who specialize in therapies for the treatment of neurological diseases. At Biogen, Bergethon he leads the effort to transform clinical trials and humanize drug discovery by encouraging the transition of clinical trial measures from a qualitative to a quantitative discipline.

Before joining Biogen, he was at Pfizer, currently best known for their COVID-19 vaccine, previously known for their erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra. At Pfizer, he was their Vice President and Head of the Pfizer Innovation Research Lab within the Early Clinical Development group.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Bergethon to our Scientific Advisory Board. As we seek to revolutionize mental health and addiction care, we continue to explore ways of leveraging innovative digital medicine approaches to facilitate broad accessibility and major public health impacts. Dr. Bergethon’s extensive experience in this field will be invaluable in progressing all of our research and development efforts,” stated interim CEO Robert Barrow.

This appointment comes after MindMed’s CEO stepped down last week, as the company increases their focus on upcoming clinical trials. Last month, MNMD announced they were planning a Phase IIb study of their Project Lucy in the fourth quarter of 2021. Project Lucy is MindMed’s treatment plan for anxiety; they also have treatments for opioid withdrawal/substance use disorder (SUD), Project Layla, and adult ADHD, Project Flow, in development.

“We are very excited to welcome Dr. Bergethon to the Scientific Advisory Board. He brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to MindMed’s digital medicine efforts and will be invaluable in helping MindMed be the world leader in developing effective new treatments based on the most rigorous science,” stated Dr. Robert Malenka, MindMed’s Scientific Advisory Board Chair.

Dr. Bergethon adds scientific diversity to an already well-rounded scientific team.

Dr. Bergethon adds scientific diversity to an already well-rounded scientific team. Bergethon has knowledge of and experience in a wide range of fields, including Intelligence Modeling, Neurobiology, Neurocybernetics, biochemistry, and computational biology.

“My research and interests have always centered around a core question: ‘What are the physical and systemic bases for creativity and intelligent behavior, and how could such behavior be practically constructed or reconstructed?’ This core query continues to form the basis for the approach that digital medicine takes toward transforming neuroscience therapeutics. The ultimate thrust of my interest is the design, construction, and operation of ‘intelligent machines’ inspired by biological understanding. By any measure, I have lived a charmed scientific existence,” stated Dr. Bergethon.

Following the news, MindMed shares are down 12 cents and are currently trading at $4.54.

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