Manganese X (MN.V) Enters Phase 3 of R&D with Kemetco


Manganese X Energy (MN.V) has advanced to phase three of their metallurgic study with Kemetco Research, which will involve filing a provisional patent on their manganese purification process and refinement of the ultra-high manganese product flow sheet.

This advancement is part of Manganese X’s preparation for their preliminary economic assessment (PEA) and their upcoming environmental study. Manganese X and Kemetco are continuing an existing partnership, as Kemetco has helped improve MN’s recovery rate, and in phase one Kemetco helped produce a high-purity manganese sulphate product with a purity of up to 99.95%.

“We are continuing to advance methodologies in the purification process of our Battery Hill, New Brunswick manganese ore property. We are committed to R&D that will enable an efficient, cost effective and novel recovery and refining solution for manganese ore,” stated Martin Kepman, CEO of Manganese X.

This partnership for research and development is part of Manganese X’s broader attempt to help produce the resources required for the batteries needed to produce electric vehicles (EV), especially cobalt-free EV batteries. The most recent studies conducted focused on the evaluation of alternative approaches to leaching and novel aspects of the purification process, which includes the enhancement of the flow sheet leading to greater efficiencies and a significant reduction in costs. This R&D will play a key role in the company’s upcoming PEA.

Manganese X’s Battery Hill, New Brunswick manganese ore project is part of a broader push for Canada to create a sustainable value chain for battery materials. In a recent parliamentary discussion on Canada’s role in building a domestic and global lithium-ion battery ecosystem, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Director Simon Moore spoke of the potential benefit these battery materials could have.

“The potential to add [Canada’s huge base of key battery raw materials] into high value chemicals, cathodes, anodes and even engage in the production of lithium-ion batteries offers the country a major slice of this growing lithium-ion and electric vehicle economic pie,” stated Director Moore

Manganese X echoed these sentiments.

“Manganese is primed to be a key element in future battery production as indicated by Tesla whose intent is to produce cobalt free batteries. Our North American manganese asset gives us a decided advantage for servicing future domestic Electric Vehicle (EV) battery needs. The US is looking at securing domestic supply chains in critical minerals and metals. We remain laser focused on advancing our manganese property to commercialization,” commented Manganese X CEO Martin Kepman.

The stock price has not moved significantly since the announcement.

Full disclosure: Manganese X Energy is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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