Defense Metals (DEFN.V) surges 30% as it looks to secure supply chain partners

“The engagement of Welsbach will enable Defense Metals to leverage their extensive experience and relationships in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Korea), Continental Europe, and the United States towards engaging in one-on-one discussions with REE refiners and separators,” stated Craig Taylor, CEO of Defense Metals.

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WallStreetBets Silver Short Squeeze: These are the Prices to Watch

Silver Short Squeeze has been trending on Twitter. The WallStreetBets army have their eyes on the white metal. Regular Equity Guru Market Moment readers know that I am bullish Silver due to the monetary and fiscal policies coming to combat the pandemic. Here are the targets, and price zones one should be watching.

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WallStreetBets to Short Squeeze Silver? JP Morgan Called Out.

WallStreetBets have been squeezing Gamestop(GME), AMC, Nokia(NOK), and BlackBerry(BB) to name a few, but is Silver next? My readers have known why I am bullish on both Silver and Gold. We have just patiently been waiting for the technicals to give us the breakout, of which we think will provide us with a good year for the metals. But perhaps we bulls will be getting a helping hand from those over at WallStreetBets?

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Manganese X

Manganese X (MN.V) Up 60% as Tesla (TSLA) Prints New Highs and Biden Demands EV Fleet.

As trader eyes are on the epic short squeezes, some small caps are making moves. Manganese X (MN.V) is fulfilling our technical breakout! This was covered late last month, and I have kept our readers updated on the trade and its major breakouts. Well, another major resistance was taken out yesterday, and we in fact tested the second resistance target. What comes next for the stock?

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