Canada House Wellness Group’s (CHV.C) subsidiary Abba Medix launched their Veteran’s Kush cultivar today, according to a press release.

This particular strain of cannabis was developed specifically to help veterans deal with post traumatuci stress disorder, and was released under Abba’s partnership with InPlanta Biotechnology to make use of their cannabis genetics. It’s presently only available to registered Abba patients.

“Marijuana for Trauma was founded with the mission of helping Veterans with PTSD. We purchased Abba Medix in 2016 so that we could source and bring to market the best medical cannabis for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD, pain, and lack of sleep. Thank you Dr. Hudson for helping our community with your expertise,” said Mike Southwell, co-founder of Marijuana for Trauma (which is now Canada House Clinics).

Canada House Wellness Group is the company behind Abba Medix, which is an Ontario-based LP involved in production for the medical cannabis market. The other subsidiary named in the article is Canada House Clinics, their clinic cum distribution chain that works with primary care teams on cannabinoid therapy services for patients with simple and complex medical conditions. The company’s overall aim is to position themselves as the leading cultivator of premium craft cannabis and provider of cannabis-based therapies, with the focus being on the global cannabis market.

This particular strain has taken seven years to develop. The principle behind it is Dr. Darryl Hudson, who brings a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics to bear in its development. He has prior experience with Canada House Clinics and the clinic’s veteran patients in order to determine the efficiency of the various cultivars in treating PTSD and related conditions. InPlanta developed this cultivar based on his research. Veteran’s Kush is a hybrid of B.C. Rockstar and Master Kush backcrossed to Rockstar to get the optimal mix of cannabinoid and terpene profiles that have had the most success.


Shares of Canada House remain flat on the news, and are now trading at $0.025.
—Joseph Morton

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