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April 21, 2024


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Pure Extracts Technologies (PULL.C) and Canada House Wellness (CHV.C) come to terms on provincial distribution

Pure Extracts Technologies (PULL.C) and Canada House Wellness (CHV.C) inked a cannabis 2.0 distribution agreement today, according to a press release.


The agreement terms include Abba Medix, a Canada House subsidiary, agreeing to assist in getting PULL’s concentrates product line on shelves through its provincial channels.


“We’ve been extremely impressed with the Pure Extracts team and the brand presence they have established particularly in the western provinces. We look forward to supporting their commercialization efforts in a mutually beneficial way,” said Chris Churchill-Smith, Canada House CEO.


CHV deals primarily through their subsidiaries, Abba Medix, IsoCanMed, Canada House Clinics and Knalysis Technologies. Abba Medix is an LP based in Pickering, Ontario, involved in the production of medical grade cannabis. IsoCanMed is in Louiseville, Quebec, and grows indoor cannabis in a 64,000 square foot production facility with vertical, aeroponic production methods. They also have a stake in Canada House Clinics, which deal with primary care teams to deliver specialized cannabinoid therapy, and Knalysis Technologies, which provides cloud-based software that links physicians, providers and patients to accessible medical cannabis.


Here’s Doug Benville, the COO of Pure Extracts:


PULL is down $0.03 today, and is presently trading at $0.70.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Pure Extracts Technologies is an marketing client.

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