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February 02, 2023


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abba medix

Canada House Wellness (CHV.C) subsidiary Abba Medix to push out Montreal Cannabis Medical product

Canada House Wellness (CHV.C) subsidiary Abba Medix agreed to be the exclusive distributor of Montreal Cannabis Medical (MTL Cannabis) dried flower to Abba’s medical patient base today, according to a press release.


The terms of the agreement have Abba distributed certain varieties of cannabis produced by MTL Cannabis to be sold to medical patents. The variety of strains include MTL’s signature strain Sage ‘n’ Sour, as well as Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Candyland, along with six more potential future genetics.


“As cannabis for medical purposes continues to evolve, supporting patients who choose dried flower inhalation for faster relief of symptoms and increased control over dose titration is important to us. As a flower-first company, we understand the needs for quality product that support the end-user and help them find comfort during their difficult times. While we currently focus on the adult-use market, the opportunity to partner with a group that supports medical patients, with a focus on the veteran community, was something that excites us as we continue to work on developing our business model and focus on supporting the Canadian cannabis landscape,” said Jenn Larry, chief commercial officer of MTL Cannabis.

Canada House Wellness Group, Abba Medix parent company, is a licensed producer out of Pickering, Ontario, involved in the production of medical-grade cannabis. Their other subsidiaries include IsoCanMed, an indoor cannabis grower in Louiseville, Quebec; Canada House Clinics, which are obviously clinics but the offer cannabis remedies; Knalysis Technologies, a tech company that links physician, provider and patient through the cloud.


In contrast, MTL has been at this of decades, working for patients under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) and Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) before making the transition into a wholesale and consumer business.


“An exclusive agreement with such a high-quality producer is a testament to the wonderful work the Canada House team has done in establishing itself as a market leader in the medical cannabis arena, always with a focus on the veteran market. We are both thrilled and honoured to secure the highest-quality flower the market has to offer for such an important community that has shaped the landscape of the medical cannabis sector in Canada,” said Chris Churchill-Smith, Canada House’s chief executive officer.

The dried flower formats of the strains to be distributed will initially go through Abba’s medical brand, and include a long-term plan to develop an MTL Medical specific banded line of medical offerings.

CHV is down half a penny and closed at $0.03 today.

—Joseph Morton

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