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July 02, 2022


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Heritage Cannabis Holdings (CANN.C) navigates with a steady hand into Alberta

Heritage Cannabis Holdings (CANN.C) got their first order from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) to start selling products in the province, according to a press release.

These developments tend to work slowly, building momentum over time. This order is the consequence and culmination of last month’s move into Alberta, wherein the company received the nod from the AGLC to do just this. If you’re new to this, these workman-like notifications may seem on the surface to be a little unnecessary and dare I say it? A little boring. You’re not wrong. They are and that’s a good thing. You want predictability in a company you’re putting your money into and the steadily directed movement of a forward moving company like Heritage is what you want.

You really have to contrast it with cannabis companies from the past. The manbun era, wherein Namaste Technologies (N.V) former CEO Sean Dollinger held forth on YouTube, making brash outlandish statements intended for a raw stock bump. The antics of MedMen’s (MMEN.C) executive stable of clowns in their early days—for comparison, this time last year they were trading at a dollar and now they’re $0.19.

You’re not going to see Heritage’s CEO Clint Sharples in the next edition of Rolling Stone talking trash about former employees like Bierman and Modlin from MedMen, trying to simultaneously dodge media heat while dredging up hype to sell their products. The age of manbuns and cannabis fratboy antics is over and it’s time for steady hands and serious business.

Here’s what that sounds like:

“This initial order from Alberta is our largest order for our vape products that we have seen since launching our products this year. Heritage’s award winning, full spectrum products are intended to provide the highest value for the price — something we expect all consumers, including Alberta, will appreciate. The province has ordered all seven of our vape products, which will provide the Alberta market with a multitude of choices, and we expect to see a similar response as in other provinces where products sell out quickly,” said Clint Sharples, chief executive officer for Heritage.

The gist of this company is they say they’re going to do something and they do it. They’re up front about their aims and there’s no surprise turns, and they’ve been rewarded for it in previous months both in tangible rewards and in their price movement.


That’s what a growing company’s price fluctuations look like. No alarming spikes suggestive of a scheme, scam or bubble, just steady month-over-month growth, courtesy of a well-ordered plan and regular communication.  A steady rise followed by a correction at a new ranging normal. That’s how you build trust.

Alberta customers will soon have all seven of Heritage’s vape cartridge products including Pura Vida CBD 4:1 Honey Oil, and Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Honey Oil, as well as Purefarma’s Moon, Sun adn CBD Earth vapes. The company launched their Pura Vida and Purefarma product lines in September and met with excellent customer response in B.C, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where the three are available, and across Canada from the Patient Choice platform.

Cannabis might never be able to bounce back to the numbers of its heyday. It just doesn’t have the momentum nor the support, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made here. Instead of being tip of the spear in your portfolio, it can sit in a steady support position, if you’re smart about it.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Heritage Cannabis is an marketing client.

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