Delta 9 Cannabis (DN.T) finished its final services milestone with their microcultivation partner, Prairie Trichomes, according to a press release.

The deal included Prairie Trichomes entering into a strategic cooperation agreement  (SCA) with Delta 9. Under the agreement, Delta 9 handled services relating to production facility design and construction, sanitation programs and development of standard operating procedures, as well as consulting on Health Canada licensing and other services required to get said license.

“We are delighted that Prairie Trichomes has received a Health Canada licence for 12 of our proprietary and turnkey Grow Pod systems and thrilled that they are another one of our rural farmers to become a microcultivator in Manitoba. Our sales pipeline of Grow Pods and services is robust as we sell our microcultivation services to cannabis entrepreneurs looking to produce premium quality cannabis products,” said John Arbuthnot, founder and chief executive officer of Delta 9.

Prairie Trichomes confirmed the completion of their final milestone under the SCA on Sept. 18, and has subsequently been granted a cannabis microcultivation license from Health Canada.

The company’s production methods are based around a modular, scalable and stackable production unit called a grow pod, which are retrofitted standard 40-foot shipping containers. Prairie Trichome’s facility has been designed and custom built to use this Grow Pod system. Delta 9 intends to buy cannabis products from Prairie Trichomes for distribution through their network, and also through their own branded retail stores.

“We are excited about receiving our licence and expect to be growing a premium craft cannabis product by the end of October, 2020. We have plans in place to open a cannabis retail store in Neepawa, Man., later this year which will showcase Delta 9 cannabis products and branded materials as well as other craft quality brands,” said Dell Carritt, president and chief executive officer of Prairie Trichomes.

Prairie Trichomes has a 6,000 square foot microcultivation facility on a fourth generation farm in Carberry, Manitoba. The warehouse is only half full, sporting 12 new grow pods and with plenty of room for expansion opportunities. The Caritt family are experienced farmers, who became interested in growing cannabis year-round and provide additional jobs in rural Manitoba.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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