Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) begins testing its version of Slack for cannabis smokers

Cannigistics Agri-Solutions, a subsidiary of Calyx Ventures (CYX.V), introduced its cannabis ‘message board’ app to third-party partners for testing today. Named Leafnet, the app is like Slack for the cannabis industry. It’s not unlike its predecessor Beefnet, successfully rolled out for the beef industry in October, but with improvements and […]

Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) just found the beef

On October 10, 2018 Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) announced that its 100% owned subsidiary Cannigistics has licensed and deployed its B2B framework “IndustryCast” to the CBCB Beef. CBCB Beef is a primary service provider for BC raised cattle that is “purchased and finished” in British Columbia. As we wrote earlier, “Calyx […]

Quick hit corner: Blue Moon’s (MOON.V) technical report rejected, Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) grants options and Nano One (NNO.V) appoints new CTO

First up, Blue Moon Zinc (MOON.V) has received notice that its NI 43-101 compliant technical report did not meet industry standards and must be redone. The B.C. Securities Comission (BCSC) returned Blue Moon Zinc’s report with “certain deficiency comments” regarding the initial report, filed in November 2017. Due to these […]

Blockchain moves to Proof of Business: HIVE, UPCO, LTV, BLOC, VHI, DASH, KASH on a hard climb

When the first blockchain profit party ended last December, and companies that had been on an absolute tear of upward multiples began to turn the wrong way, few in the industry seemed too bothered about it all. Blockchain execs on the public market largely shrugged, some admitting there had been […]