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October 05, 2022


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Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) just found the beef

On October 10, 2018 Calyx Ventures (CYX.V) announced that its 100% owned subsidiary Cannigistics has licensed and deployed its B2B framework “IndustryCast” to the CBCB Beef.

CBCB Beef is a primary service provider for BC raised cattle that is “purchased and finished” in British Columbia.

As we wrote earlier, “Calyx was already in the enterprise software business when everyone and their babysitter started asking us about blockchain. They bought some IP and started developing it, finding quickly that their concept could be scaled to multiple industries.”

The blockchain technology that underpins crypto can theoretically be used to keep track of any kind of system with changing states.

Calyx opened up a blockchain mining facility full of GPU based mining rigs capable of mining multiple different kinds of currencies that run on multiple different kinds of chains. But Calyx’s self-propagating crypto farm isn’t its most valuable asset, its developers are.

Cannigistic’s software platform – originally designed for advanced indoor agriculture – has now evolved to serve a wider range of industries.

Calyx also owns a portfolio of proprietary intellectual property with applications in crop enhancement, as well as messaging software assets and AI.

BC Beefnet is a large quantity ordering system with a minimum order of a half carcass. This type of quantity can make it difficult for smaller food service business to utilize BC Beefnet. Marketplace was introduced to offer a solution for 2 scenarios:

1. When ordering large quantities there are usually some aspects of the bulk order the buyer may not need. Marketplace is where the large quantity buyers can send the cuts they don’t need when making their purchase on BC Beefnet.

2. This brings a solution to the second scenario where many food service businesses may not have the need to buy large quantities. Marketplace showcases current inventory that can be bought individually. This allows smaller quantity buyers to purchase 100% BC Beef as their business requires. You need to be quick though, because it is first come first serve!

CBCB Beef is an organisation with very specific software needs, creating synergy and interactivity between a matrix of different data-sets.

“British Columbia has some of the highest standards for beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids,” stated the press release, “CBCB Beef has created BC Beefnet to be the premiere platform to connect the “rancher to restaurant”.

The #BuyCanadianmovement is gathering momentum, for patriotic and economic reasons.

The BC Association of Farmer’s Markets sells locally produced food “that travels less that 300km to get to you.

Compare this to the average North American meal, which travels 2,400km to get from field to plate and contains ingredients from 5 countries in addition to our own. All that transportation results in a lot of fossil fuels being burned, which contributes, to air pollution, acid rain and climate change.

When orders are placed on BC Beefnet, various cuts are sent to the Marketplace from the bulk order. When these products are listed on Marketplace, a notification is sent to desktop and mobile device that new product is available.

BC Beefnetwork is a real time feed of 100% BC Beef product as it becomes available

From a birds-eye view, Cannigistic’s system provides businesses with advanced application access, optics, and control – providing a scalable framework for monitoring, reporting and auditing an entire operation.

It’s only one of Calyx’s business.

Key Cannigistic’s Technology:

  • System Overview Dashboard
  • Enterprise Class Security
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • Compliance Tools
  • Communication and Chat Tools
  • Accounting, Invoicing and Billing
  • Facility Remote Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Call Center Management

The platform supports, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Native Windows, Mac OS X Desktop Apps and Android and Apple iOS Devices

BC Beefnet 2.0 offers its users a dramatically improved and more dynamic look and feel which combines the Wholesale, Retail, and the Messaging elements of the platform into a single attractive and user-friendly interface.

BC Beefnet 2.0 is the only product of its type to offer a complete “ranch to table” system enabling Ranchers, Abattoirs and food industry customers to complete the entire business cycle within the borders of British Columbia.

BC Beefnet 2.0 transforms the current web application into a dynamic desktop and mobile product.

In addition to enhancing the core BC Beefnet features, the IndustryCast framework will enable BC Beefnet to network its entire customer base in numerous capacities giving members unprecedented access to their industry peers.  BC Beefnet will also implement a new protocol for customer service, order verification and product listing as a result of the integration.

On November 30, 2017 Calyx hit a 52-week high of .36.

The stock is now trading at .07 with a market cap of $6.7 million.

Full Disclosure:  Calyx is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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Dave Brice



Good start – hopefully this is the first salvo in a larger campaign and we take a run at those 52 week highs you noted. Is this still a CANNABIS play or a tech/blockchain play? They play things so close to their chest it is hard to get a sense of direction with this company.


Without news today about some leafhub client, I think they are no longer a cannabis play. I’m in since 2 years now and I begin to lost faith in cyx A real cannabis play would give some news before the legalisation. The last hope I have, it’s that they wait on october 18th justto give to their news more attention. But for now, i’m very mad about their IR department

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