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July 13, 2024


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Core Story: FendX Technologies (FNDX.C) repels and kills pathogens and viruses

We went after this company as a client because there are three things about it that make me swoon.

1: The CEO has done it all before, in this industry, and has more knowledge about her domain than most

2: The product is needed, necessary, cutting edge, and quickly developing with their academic partners

3: The world, as we know it, is one mutation of a pathogen away from what we experienced in 2020 all over again

Main Selling Points of FendX as a Company:

  1. Nanotechnology Focus:
    • FendX is a nanotechnology company with a core mission to reduce the spread of pathogens, ensuring surfaces remain safe from contamination.
  2. Advanced Product Features:
    • Film nanotechnology: Offers repelling properties that deter the adhesion of bacteria, viruses, and liquids.
    • Spray nanotechnology: Provides bifunctional properties. Not only does it repel to prevent bacterial and viral adhesion, but it also actively kills residual bacteria and viruses.
  3. Highly Effective Results:
    • Instant reduction in the adhesion of Covid-19 like virus by the film.
    • Spray provides an instant reduction of adhesion of Covid-19 like virus and bacteria.
    • The spray achieves a 99.7% reduction in bacterial growth after 8 hours.
  4. Unique Disruptive Technology:
    • Award-winning nanotechnology with instantaneous repelling properties against bacteria, viruses, and liquids.
    • Spray formulation with dual action: repelling and killing of pathogens.
    • They are building a robust patent portfolio in this domain.
  5. Accelerated Development:
    • FendX has an agreement with a globally recognized coatings and films manufacturer to assess and produce intermediate-sized REPELWRAP™ films for testing purposes.
  6. Addressing a Global Need:
    • There are more than 99,000 deaths annually in the U.S from healthcare-acquired infections. This amounts to a direct medical cost of at least $28.4 billion each year.
    • The recent COVID-19 pandemic has intensified public awareness about virus transmission, marking a timely opportunity for FendX.
  7. Versatile Applications:
    • Potential applications of FendX products span across various industries, including healthcare, transportation, sports and entertainment, as well as schools and offices.
  8. Experienced Leadership:
    • The company boasts a strong leadership team with a proven track record of building organizations, navigating capital markets, and successfully launching products to market.
  9. Problem Solving Capability:
    • Many existing surface coatings and protective films require hours to inactivate pathogens.
    • Regular disinfectant cleaning provides only short-term protection.
    • There’s growing microbial resistance to conventional metal and ion-based disinfectants.
    • FendX provides a solution to these problems with its advanced nanotechnology coatings and sprays.
  10. Market Potential:
  • The antimicrobial coating market is projected to reach $7.6 billion by 2025, showing significant growth potential for FendX.
  • This company, through its unique nanotechnologies, aims to combat the persistent and growing threat of pathogens, which are not only causing healthcare crises but also leading to significant economic impacts globally.


Key Highlights of REPELWRAP™ Film:

  1. Protection Against Contamination:
    • REPELWRAP™ Film is the first product in development specifically designed to protect against contamination on surfaces.
  2. Instant Repelling Action:
    • The award-winning REPELWRAP™ film possesses an immediate repelling effect against bacteria, viruses, blood, and liquids.
  3. Partnership for Development:
    • Dunmore International Corp., an operating company of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. (NYSE:SPLP), is collaborating with FendX to create intermediate-sized films for testing purposes. This indicates a committed collaboration between two entities for the evolution of the product.
  4. Focused on Commercial Viability:
    • The project is not only about testing and development but has the end goal of launching a commercial product.
  5. Effective Contamination Reduction:
    • REPELWRAP™ film significantly reduces bacterial contamination on surfaces it protects when compared to untreated surfaces.
  6. Patented Innovation:
    • The technology behind REPELWRAP™ Film is patent-pending. This safeguards their innovation and offers a unique selling point in the market.
  7. Unique Nanotechnology Mechanism:
    • The film’s innovative technology combines micro- and nano-layers with thermal shrinking. This combination results in surfaces that have repelling properties, deterring the adhesion of bacteria, viruses, and liquids.
  8. Interaction with Liquids:
    • Both high-surface tension liquids (like water) and low-surface tension liquids (like oil) transform into droplets upon contact with the film’s nano-surface, preventing them from spreading.

The stock has gone on a little rip this month, from $0.215 to $0.315, as investors hear the story, hear from management, and see this is for realsies. We’re all in on this baby, and believe it’s legitimately a near term, near double away from the next price base.

— Chris Parry

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