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June 20, 2024


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Valeo Pharma

Chart Attack: Valeo Pharma (VPH.C) Finds Buyers and Holds the Uptrend

Valeo Pharma (VPH.C) is a specialty pharmaceutical company, engages in the acquisition, in-licensing, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products with a primary focus on neurodegenerative diseases, oncology and supportive care, and hospital products.  You might also notice the whole revamp on their website.

I should note that Valeo is a fully integrated company. Meaning Valeo Pharma has all the required capabilities and the full infrastructure to register and properly manage its growing product portfolio through all stages of commercialization. Licensing, regulatory affairs, technical operations, medical affairs, commercial market access, warehouse shipping and finances.

Speaking about revenues, be prepared to see the word ‘record’ a lot. Most of the revenue stream is projected to come from Valeo’s asthma therapy products. But be sure to check out TK’s financial analysis also released today!

Speaking about revenues, Valeo had a great Q3 2021. Here are some highlights:

  • Record revenues of $5.7 million for Q3 2021, up 280% over Q3 2020 and 114% over prior quarter.
  • Record gross margin of $2.2 million, up 1602% over Q3 2020 and 204% over prior quarter.
  • Record 9 months revenues at $10.2 million, up 94%.
  • Private and public reimbursement coverage expanding for Redesca®
  • New corporate structure completed with full commercial activities ongoing for
    Redesca®, Enerzair® Breezhaler® and Atectura® Breezhaler®
  • Valeo launches new corporate image, logo and website

Since I last covered Valeo, we have had two new press releases. The first had to do with Valeo obtaining listings for Redesca  from two Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) as well as three additional hospital specialty products. The GPO’s represent more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities across five Canadian Provinces. Our financial expert TK covered that news in detail and can be read here.

The most recent news regards the first provincial public listing secured for both asthma medications, and additional provincial public reimbursement coverage. Valeo successfully entered into a Product Listing Agreement with Alberta Minister of Health, for the listing and public reimbursement of Enerzair Breezhaler and Atectura Breezhaler, its two innovative asthma therapies, on the Alberta Drug Benefit list effective November 1, 2021.

“Expanding access and reimbursement for Enerzair and Atectura throughout Canada is a key milestone for our respiratory program. We are pleased to report today the first provincial public coverage for both drugs following the recent successful completion of our negotiations with pCPA”, said Frederic Fasano, Valeo’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Enerzair and Atectura are both valuable additions to the Canadian asthma treatment landscape and we are looking forward to working with all remaining jurisdictions across the country to ensure broad patient access”.

TradingView Chart

When I last covered Valeo back on October 6th 2021, I covered the breakout above $0.815, triggering a sort of cup and handle structure pattern. I also highlighted the resistance above at the $1.00 zone. A major psychological zone. As you can see, the stock did not carry momentum above $1.00.

We actually broke back below $0.815. Not something I am too keen on if the stock wants to make new moves higher. But there is some hope here. I drew a trendline connecting the higher lows, and voila! We got a third touch confirmation on November 9th 2021. With big volume too. 173,931 shares traded, the most since the breakout in early October. I really like that large wick candle. We now have three touches on this trendline so it is one that traders and investors will adhere too. If we remain above this, another move higher is possible. If we break below the trendline, then a move back to $0.565 would be next.

But let’s be positive. I would like to see the daily candle close back above $0.815. And finally, momentum that would take us over $1.00 on another attempt.

Positive signs on this one: record revenues, new company revamp, and technical support.


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