Ever wondered about the weird world of technical trading? Always thought head and shoulders was only a reference to dandruff shampoo? Equity Guru’s Maddy Grace speaks with EG’ chart expert, Vishal Toora, to get a breakdown of technical trading, reading charts and the $1000 secret!!

Tune in!


Written By:

Madelyn Grace

Maddy has graciously allowed the Equity.Guru audience to take a look into her investor education journey - and is here to ask all your questions, with a heavy dose of millennial cynicism and good humour (swear it's not oxymoronic). With an EngLit degree from Ryerson University, and a pedigree that includes having been killed on CW series Supernatural twice, she fits right in with the rest of the Equity.Guru team, making even the most dull financial topic approachable. Talk to her about feminism, the acting world in Vancouver and all your financial woes. Don't talk to her about pineapple on pizza, NFTs, or how cheesecake is really a pie.

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