Clear Blue Technologies International (CBLU.V) landed a big one today, signing an agreement with NuRAN Wireless (NUR.C) with an estimated value between $8 million and $10 million in revenue over 3 years.

Clear Blue Technologies delivers clean, managed, wireless power using their Smart Off-Grid technology. They use advanced technology and monitoring to ensure they deliver cheap and consistent power.

“This is one of the largest deals secured to date and provides significant upside for Clear Blue’s revenues over the next three years,” says Miriam Tuerk, Co-founder and CEO, Clear Blue Technologies. “We see this as part of a trend, as we emerge from the global pandemic, where corporations are looking to be more sustainable. Projects are being greenlit and orders for our smart off-grid systems are picking up. As a result, Management is highly optimistic about revenue and top-line growth during the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.”

The initial sales numbers will be reflected in the Q3 and Q4 of 2021, but it’s estimated that the contract will see Clear Blue powering an estimated minimum of 1,333 telecom sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The first order, worth $750,000, will be realized this year, with orders expected to start to ship out this month. Afterwards, Clear Blue expects ~2.5 million in revenue per year between 2022-2025, for a minimum total of $7.5 million.

The contract also contains Energy-as-a-Service, which will provide CBLU an additional minimum recurring revenue of $100,000 per year, contracted for a minimum of three years.

“Clear Blue’s Smart Power and Energy-as-a-Service are key components to our planned telecom roll-out in the DRC, offering the lowest CAPEX/OPEX as well as the best performance and uptime. Because of that, it enables these rural sites to be simultaneously cost-effective and reliable for a strong, viable and profitable business model,” commented Francis Létourneau, President and CEO at NuRAN.

Only 16 million of the DRC’s 89 million people have access to the internet, something NuRAN has been looking to improve. In February, they announced they were going to partner with Orange DRC SA to construct and operate 2,000 new NuRAN towers over the next 40 months, with an express focus on rural communities, who are often the most underserved by the existing telecommunications infrastructure.

NuRAN’s deal with Orange had a minimum term of 10 years, so NuRAN will be in the DRC longer past 2025 when their new agreement with Clear Blue ends, meaning CBLU has a chance to re-up with them. This isn’t Clear Blue’s first deal with NuRAN, as the two parties agreed to a $1.45 million contract regarding NuRAN’s operations in Cameroon in Q4 of 2020.

“We value the trust that NuRAN has placed in us to deliver power to their telecom sites and look forward to working with them on this latest installation,” added Tuerk.

Following the news, Clear Blue shares are up 5.5 cents and the stock is trading at $0.395, representing a 16% increase. At one point to day, shares of CBLU were trading over $0.44.

Full disclosure: NuRAN Wireless is not a client, but Equity Guru does own some shares in it.

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