I asked Twitter what tickers I should be writing about: Twitter had 35 ideas… here’s 6 of them

Ever get the feeling, looking at your watchlist, that you’re seeing the same thing over and over? That maybe there’s interesting stuff out there you just haven’t heard about yet? I put a simple question to Twitter today: “Give me a ticker symbol you think I should be writing about (limit one per person), three reasons you think it’s great, and one thing you’ll openly admit they need to do better.” I got 35. Gulp.

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The Price War on Oil

In the worst week for the US stock market since the financial crisis, the S&P500 fell more than 7.5%, and a full-blown price war rattled

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Chinese investors flock to the TSX.V

Some relationships are pre-destined. Pop-star Justin Bieber & super-model Hailey Baldwin. Truth-challenged Donald Trump & camera-hog Rudy Giuliani. Capital-hungry TSX.V stocks & wealthy Asian investors.

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Here’s what happened May 29th

These men are from the government (via Bay Street), and they’re here to help. (feature image “reach” by flickr user Kanaka Rastamon.) Here’s what happened

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Here’s what happened May 25

A maddening mystery inspires manhunt in Mississauga. The oil market didn’t fall, so much as it was tripped. Leaks have us wondering about Kinder’s commitment and

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Here’s What Happened May 15th

Cronos Earnings Time, plus: The other Aurora Acquisition Claudia Cattaneo Hangs Up Her Typewriter Lots Of Chatter Around Namaste, Not Much Else (featured image: Greek

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Here’s What Happened May 9th

Oil Continues Climb After Trump Torches Treaty With Tehran Enbridge Asset Sale Draws Demand: Canada Pension Buys Half Of Their Greenbiz Stress Tests Tighten, Banks

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