CUI Global (CUI.Q) remembers the dying planet by getting into solar

Remember the halcyon days where the biggest global concern was the warming planet? It seems like a long time ago, but it was maybe a month ago. It’s true that the decreased boat traffic through the waterways of Venice have let some of the sediment settle, leaving the canals looking clean. The lack of intercontinental cruise-ship travel has slowed the spread of invasive species. Yet, despite claims that the earth is starting to slowly encroach on human dominion once again, the climate isn’t really improving. We still have all the same problems—it’s just that the news media (guilty!) has a brand new shiny story to direct our attention so we can direct your attention.

Flupocalypse 2020: Assuming you stay healthy, this is your ‘get rich’ moment

When the savings and loan crisis in the US hit in 1989, a lot of slow-moving investors lost their dough thinking the worst couldn’t possible happen. When the dotcom bubble burst in 2001, a lot of folks got torn up as stocks that had previously been 100-baggers went to zero. When the real estate market burned to the ground amid the financial crisis of 2008, a lot of folks got pulled under, imagining the worst that could happen couldn’t really happen. When the Canadian weed market started imploding in early 2019, true believers told themselves for months, “It’s bound to come back soon,” even as companies lost 95% of their value

The Price War on Oil

In the worst week for the US stock market since the financial crisis, the S&P500 fell more than 7.5%, and a full-blown price war rattled the markets over the weekend. Crude fell by over 20% and treasuries plummeted.