Silicon Valley virtual assistants are always on and always listening

One of my friends was absolutely stoked when she got her Alexa for Christmas last year. She took pride of place on the shelf beside her wall-mounted TV, where she could maximize her listening capability. Over the next few months, Alexa began to sink into the background of her home, almost as another family member. Whenever she needed help remembering the final ingredient of a recipe, or who was in the Six Million Dollar Man, Alexa came to the rescue.

Colony Capital (CLNY.NYSE) jumps on Brazil growth train with infrastructure acquisition

Whatever your feelings about Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro, his plan to increase total infrastructure investment through partnerships or privatization seems to be bearing fruit. The Brazil government’s plan to boost the economy through doubling investment in infrastructure to approximately $65 million has drawn some attention from companies sniffing out ways to pad out their bottom line.

Viasat (VSAT.Q) closes digital divide in Mexico so everyone can see Mexican cat videos

On the whole, the effect of the internet on our quality of life is generally considered to be a positive. It’s closed massive communication gaps in space and time, it’s opened up whole new vistas in commerce, and without it, I’d probably be driving a busted up forklift right now, so I really have little to complain about. But I will anyway, and so will you and now, thanks to the global communications company, Viasat (VSAT.Q), so can the millions of people in Mexico, who were once left without reliable high speed and quality internet access, but aren’t now.

AMPD Ventures (AMPD.C) begins trading on the CSE today – here’s why it matters for internet users

The year is 2029. A rogue and non-copyright protected artificial intelligence system has gained sentience and launches an Oedipal war against humanity, its creators. Our best hopes for survival lie in the child-prodigy gamers of yester-year, trained for maximum lethality in combat, vehicle operations and strategy thanks to high-performance computing servers which cuts latency to never before seen levels. This is the story of those servers.

Vitalhub (VHI.V) gets paid and pays off their debentures early like adults

Now that the bubble’s all but blown on cannabis courtesy of scandals and Canopy Growth (WEED.T), private funding is drying up and debt financing is where it’s at to raise funds. Most blockchain companies are still thawing out from the crypto-winter, and then there’s Vitalhub (VHI.V), which paid $2,396,520, the sum of its debentures and a 5% premium, almost a year and a half prior to their maturity date of December 7, 2020.