Modern Plant-Based Foods (MEAT.C) partners up with Carbone Restaurant group for franchising and ghost-kitchens

Modern Plant-Based Foods (MEAT.C) subsidiary Modern Meat’s latest partnership is to supply plant-based products to restaurant group, Carbone Restaurant Group (CRG).


Canadian owned, CRG is best known for having developed the ‘Fast Fired’ by Carbone pizza brand. Sure. They’ve actively franchising restaurants across Canada and have plans to have 100 new franchises open in the next several years. Said restaurants offer Modern Meat Crumble and are working to get three new plant-based menu items for the summer.


“We are thrilled to be chosen as the plant-based alternative of choice for Carbone Restaurant Group. They are a fast-growing company reshaping the restaurant landscape. CRG has a strong growth plan and is backed by a management team with a proven record of success led by CEO and founder Benjamin Nasberg. We expect to see joint growth and success over the coming months,” said Tara Haddad, founder and chief executive officer of Modern Plant-Based Foods.


Modern Plant-Based Foods is a Canadian food company based in Vancouver. They offer plant-based products like meat and dairy-free alternatives, soups and vegan snacks and can be found in select restaurants and retailers across Canada. This includes Modern Wellness Bars found in Vancouver.


“Our effort to establish our brand nationwide continues to gain momentum. We are excited about the opportunity to launch our products further through CRG’s various concepts. By partnering with CRG, Modern Meat is showing an extraordinary commitment to both its customers and broader innovative initiatives,” said Haddad.


Carbone’s latest set of investments include robotic pizza vending machines and related tech, and presently leads in ghost kitchen brands, which are app-driven takeout and delivery restaurants. If you’re curious about what ghost kitchens are they’re professional food prep and cooking facilities set up for delivery only meals. Some may open up for drive-throughs, but they don’t have a store front and don’t do dine-in. A ghost kitchen can even bring on multiple different restaurants, so in the future the Taco Bell and the Burger King you order to be brought to you by Uber Eats could easily come from the same restaurant.


Tums, however, are still likely to be sold separately.

—Joseph Morton


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