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May 23, 2024


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VitalHub (VHI.V) Agrees to Licensing Deal for Digital Health Platform with Regional NHS Trust

VitalHub (VHI.V) has announced they have entered into a licensing agreement Harrogate and District National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust (the Trust), and will provide them with their recently acquired Intouch with Health (Intouch) digital health platform.

Intouch will provide the Trust with a centralized process to intelligently book and manage all clinic and meeting rooms efficiently, allowing them to better use their resources. The Trust will be deploying Intouch’s Room and Resource Manager solution to optimize the utilization of the Trust’s clinical resources, improving communication among patients and providers. Intouch aims to provide hospital staff with instant access to real-time data, including room availability, the status of a meeting room and resource needs, enabling resources to be allocated and booked in an efficient manner.

“We chose Room and Resource Manager as it provides the Trust with all the functionality that we need,” stated Issie Macniven, Matron for Outpatients at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. “We’re really looking forward to managing our clinic and meeting rooms from one central point, having access to instant and real time availability and capacity to maximise the use of our resources. We will also be able to forward plan and book adhoc clinics with the reassurance that the information is correct, with excellent communication lines between all parties involved.”

The Trust is the principal provider of hospital services to the population of Harrogate and surrounding district, as well as north and west Leeds; facilitating the hospital needs for a constituent population of approximately 720,000. The coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruptions for the NHS’s normal room management and admission practices. The NHS currently uses over 20 different electronic booking systems, to varying degrees of success.

The NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours and is among the largest national healthcare markets in the world.

“With the growing strain on health systems in the UK and globally, there is a significant demand to digitally transforming the outpatient experience,” said Dan Matlow, CEO of VitalHub “It’s more important than ever to safely and effectively manage the patient journey through a health system and the long-standing shift towards digitization is an indication of that importance. Our continued growth and market penetration is evidence of the demand for digital transformation and operational efficiency; and we are happy to be able to meet this growing demand. We anticipate seeing a continuation in demand for these solutions as the market continues to mature in the post-pandemic era.”

The stock price has not changed since the announcement.

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