Tinley Beverage Company Inc.’s (TNY.C) Beckett’s Spirits & Cocktails Listed Through Alberta Wholesaler

Tinley Beverage Company Inc.’s brand of Beckett’s ‘Low No Alcohol’ beverages have officially been listed on Alberta’s Connect Logistics platform. Connect Logistics is contracted with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. As such, the platform is able to exclusively distribute spirits, wine, coolers, imported beer and a variety of related products throughout the province. With the exception of domestic beer, Connect Logistics serves as Alberta’s only wholesaler for all alcoholic beverages. The company services over 2,000 licensed retail stores in Alberta including grocery chains, bars, and restaurants.

“The privatized structure of Alberta’s liquor industry creates unique opportunities for the Company to work with a variety of retail chains and independents alike for efficient placement of our products throughout the province…our US products already enjoy an active following among local snowbirds, and our highly dedicated sales reps are working to help Alberta retailers offer their customers ‘sober curious’ options closer to home,” said Jeff Maser, Founder and CEO of Tinley Beverage Company Inc.

In cooperation with local representatives, Tinley Beverage Inc. has extended its reach into the delivery market. Albertans can now inquire about adding various Beckett’s products to the roster of restaurants, stores, and delivery services. By placing wholesale orders, retail establishments like restaurants are able to sell Beckett’s beverages to customers directly.

Tinley Beverage Company Inc. seeks to provide premium alternatives to sodas and tonic waters that currently dominate the non-alcoholic beverage scene. Branded as ‘Low No Alcohol’ beverages, Beckett’s products are typically mixed to create cocktails with low alcohol content. In addition to mixing, Becketts also offers readymade cocktails and classis spirits with less than 0.3% ABV. Becketts Classics are based off of Lime Margarita Paloma, Gin & Tonic and Moscow Mule. On the other hand, Becketts ’27 line is based on coconut rum, amaretto and cinnamon whisky. Tinley products are unique in their composition due to their inclusion of botanical terpenes. Terpenes refer to the aromatic oils found in cannabis that can produce certain flavor profiles.

Beckett’s products can be found in the United States at stores in California such as BevMo!, Costco, and Ralphs/Kroger. However, there are contracted placements planned for Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and other neighboring states. Furthermore, fans of USA Network’s top-rated reality shows “Chrisley Knows Best” and “Growing Up Chrisley” can expect to see Beckett’s products advertised on the show. NBCU will be integrating Beckett’s products into the sets and story lines of Chrisley’s reality shows as well as the Chrisley family’s online properties.

Tinley Beverage Company Inc.’s stock rose to $0.50 at opening and currently sits at $0.48.

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