Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C) announced today that its cannabis infused beverages will be one of the inaugural brands to launch at Planet 13’s Orange County, California Superstore at its expected grand opening in July 2021.

“Tinley’s beverages are unique in the state, offering familiar adult beverage flavours and formats that will appeal to canna-curious consumers, as well as consumers who may be averse to smokable formats…Like our Las Vegas store, many of our customers are expected to be new to cannabis or tourists who will benefit from the education and entertaining experiences that our store offers. This lends itself perfectly to Tinley’s products, which are inspired by familiar, classic adult beverages,” said David Farris, VP of Sales & Marketing for Planet 13.

Planet 13 owns the world’s largest cannabis store, located in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Planet 13’s Cannabis Entertainment Complex received Leafly’s 2019 Nevada dispensary of the year award. With this in mind, Planet 13 is committed to offering quality customer experiences, interactive entertainment, and some of the best cannabis products that can be found in the US. Ultimately, the company hopes to operate high-end dispensaries in tier-one markets nationwide, selling its brands, including, Medizin, TRENDI, and Lead & Vine, in both its branded stores and wholesale.



Planet 13’s California-based Superstore is planned as a 55,000 square-foot consumer experience, with 16,500 square feet dedicated to the dispensary retail area. The remaining area, intended to be built as phases 2 and 3, are expected to include memorabilia sales, a restaurant and a cannabis consumption lounge. Once completed, Planet 13’s Orange County location is expected to be California’s largest dispensary complex. Upon opening, Planet 13 plants to hire 250 employees with an anticipated 80 budtenders serving consumers at any given time.

“We’re excited to develop enhanced PAD (demo) experiences, product display and communications solutions with Planet 13. This is our fourth major retail account and we are working with each on merchandising initiatives to align with their unique consumer and category profiles,” said Sven Stalley, General Manager of Tinley’s California.

In addition to being massive, Planet 13’s Superstore will incorporate immersive cannabis education and entertainment experiences. This includes visual special effects like smoke, large screen video displays and waterfalls. Some planned features include a Tinley branded midcentury-inspired mixology experience involving beverage demonstrations, and tasting of “comparably concocted” non-infused products. If you ask me, Planet 13’s Superstore sounds like the Disneyland of cannabis retailers. Ironically enough, Planet 13’s Superstore location is just 10 minutes away from actual Disneyland.


Tinley’s beverages won the first and second place awards at California’s 2019 Emerald Cup, the world’s largest cannabis competition. With this in mind, Tinley has undoubtedly made a name for itself in California’s cannabis market. Paired with Planet 13, a company that accounted for 8.6% of all Nevada cannabis dispensary revenue in Q1 2021, Tinley could see substantial growth following the opening of Planet 13’s Orange County Superstore.



Tinley’s share price opened at $0.36, up from a previous close of $0.34. The Company’s shares are up 2.94% and are currently trading at $0.35. This indicates that there has been noticeable change following the news.

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