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November 18, 2023


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Core One Labs (COOL.C) ups their biosynthetic psilocybin production trial game

Core One Labs (COOL.C) reported today that they’re ready to start biosynthetic production trials with psilocybin, according to a press release.

The company’s Victoria-based subsidiary, Vocan Biotechnologies, finished developing its psilocybin detection and quantification methodology. This achievement lets the company start production trials with its first psilocybin producer strain.

“With the recent acquisition of equipment and precursor materials in place, our team has moved faster than anticipated to advance our proprietary producer strain. The work already under way demonstrates a viable and efficient pathway to scalable production, positioning Core One at the production forefront of the sector in Canada,” said Joel Shacker, CEO of Core One.

The methodology uses high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), which will help the team determine the level of activity achievable with its DNA sequence in the producer strain. This method can be used to measure the amount of biosynthetic psilocybin generated during the fermentation process.

As the company’s knowledge of the technology improves, this technique will give them the ability to devise strategies to control and optimize psilocybin production useful in their future scaling operations.

Core One Labs is a life sciences company heavily involved in research and development, with the intended purpose being bringing psychedelic medicines to the market through their delivery systems and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The company has a patent-pending thin film oral strip they’ve been using for cannabis marketed under the name CannaStrips. It dissolves in the mouth and delivers organic molecules to the bloodstream, keeping excellent bioavailability.

The point behind this initiative of cost-effective manufacturing of compounds is to generate interest throughout the national research sector. Initial cost projections have predicted to offer API-grade (or active pharmaceutical ingredient) psilocybin at savings of thousands of dollars per gram. The biosynthetic approach allows Core to protect their intellectual property and rapid value generation by using proven scientific methodologies as a platform for rapid and scalable production.


COOL is up a penny today, and presently trading at $1.18.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Core One Labs is an equity guru marketing client.

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