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July 20, 2024


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LeoNovus (LTV.V) wants to change the way we think about information security with XVault

LeoNovus (LTV.V) introduced their new Secure Remote Filing Sharing (SRFS) solution, Xvault, earlier this week, according to a press release.

Xvault allows for sensitive file sharing and data transfer in real time. It’s multi-point with protocol-independent data protection. It protects data by destroying it, basically. AT no time in transit can the data be read or intercepted, regardless of what transfer protocol is used.

“Over the past year, our market research identified an enterprise need for more secure and real-time ways to transfer and share data in both the public and private sectors. International trade negotiations, public safety, military communication, mergers and acquisitions, legal communications are only a few markets requiring a secure data sharing solution. Several organizations indicated they continue to put sensitive data on USB sticks, and trusted staff fly, drive or walk the data to its destination. The obvious risk of these delivery methods combined with the non-real-time access to the data is a significant problem. XVault is a key new innovation and feature integrated with our overall smart and secure data management solution,” said Michael Gaffney, chair and CEO.

Leonovus is a software company specializing in secure data management. They offer a suite of data management tools to organizations that require end-to-end data-centric solutions, which can either work on their own, or integrate into the organization’s existing security architecture. They’re aware that

the transmission security of sensitive information has always been an issue, and is always going to be an issue, whether it be on the battlefield or in the boardroom.

Here are the four key features:

  • Real-time, hyper-secure remote data sharing for classified and sensitive data; protocol-independent, not relying on a secure sockets layer (SSL) or transfer layer security (TLS) for security.
  • A data-centric security solution that reduces cyber threat surfaces.
  • Platform agnostic, point to point, point to multi-point and multi-point to multi-point secure data sharing.
  • Simple configuration and operations that require minimal and no user training.

There’s definitely a consistent and developing demand for these types of services.

A recent Accenture survey indicated that 36% of executives indicated the number of organizations they had partnered with had doubled in the last two years, and that 71% percent of executives believe that their shared data volume will increase in these ecosystems. Another survey, this one by the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, discovered that 78% of companies highly valued the ability to access and combine data from various external sources for a data driven exercise. But 23% indicated they were presently effective in this sea, and only 15% shared data with suppliers and critical vendors.


LTV shares dropped $0.08, and closed at $1.10.

—Joseph Morton

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