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April 21, 2024


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PLUS Products (PLUS.C) expands into Europe with the Elements of Green e-commerce marketplace

PLUS Products (PLUS.C) and European hemp CBD e-commerce marketplace, Elements of Green, signed a sales agreement to offer its products in the United Kingdom today, according to a press release.

Today, PLUS’ hemp CBD Gummies are on shelves in the United Kingdom through Elements of Green in Grapefruit CBD Uplift and Blueberry CBD Balance flavours. This continues a respectable growth trend that’s culminated in PLUS’ emergence as a leading edibles brand in California, which is the largest adult-use cannabis market in the world.

“One of our goals at PLUS is to put our products in the hands of as many consumers as possible, and we believe working with Elements of Green provides us with the best opportunity to make that goal a reality in the United Kingdom. This represents an exciting opportunity for PLUS as our first expansion into the international market, and we are thrilled to be working with Elements of Green in taking this step as a company,” said Jake Heimark, CEO and co-founder of PLUS.

Elements of Green is an e-commerce site doing business in the European CBD products market. Their product line of hemp-based CBD products have expanded to 27 countries across Europe, including the UK, Germany, France and Spain. Their we and mobile site includes products from around the globe.


The optics around Plus Products chart are contingent on when you start looking. The three month chart shows an upward trajectory, closing today at $0.91 with no hint of slowing down. But if you widen out the chart to include the past 12 months, you’d see they’re actually reclaiming lost ground from their previous high of $1.575. But you need to remember what was happening last January.  The entire cannabis industry wasn’t showing recovery from the shocks of the previous summer, and we had the threat of a global pandemic hanging over our heads. Hence, the dip over the next six to eight months.

Now that we’re into phase two of a pandemic and have a bit more of an idea of the severity and some plans in place, and therefore eliminated some of the uncertainty about the future, and PLUS Products is beginning to expand across the pond, we can put their return to form into context.

Here’s elements of green’s YouTube teaser, if you’re curious:

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: PLUS Products is an marketing client.

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