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July 01, 2022


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World Class Extractions (PUMP.C) new patent adds sound extraction techniques to old processes

World Class Extractions (PUMP.C) received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for extracting and concentrating cannabinoids and other compounds from cannabis using ultrasound-enhanced solvent extraction today.

It’s a curious time for the cannabis space. Most provinces are in some variety of lockdown to deal with the emergent threat of COVID-19, and most cannabis companies are either trying to make a complete or partial pivot into a new industry like psilocybin or taking advantage of the temporary COVID-19 prevention market, or trying to enhance their value through buildouts, expansion of their retail footprint or research and development.

PUMP isn’t doing that. They were once a small but plucky extraction company called Quadron Cannatech before the acquisition which made them what they are today, and while they have expanded by adding verticals like distribution through their acquisition of Pineapple Express Delivery, the core of the business has been extractions. This company is always focused on doing something better today than they did yesterday, and they’ve done it again with this patent.

The patent’s process involves finding a method for the large scale extraction from pre-processing of plant harvest to final extract end product that’s sustainable, efficient and economical, while maximizing cannabinoid recovery yields and minimizing both energy consumption and the volume of the solvent used in the process. The amount and type of solvent in extraction is one of the largest overhead hits a company like World Class regularly takes, and reducing that cost does well for their bottom line.

“Since inception, World-Class always emphasized the importance of research and development in early stages of the cannabis industry as one of the most vital components in developing a long-term proven and tested extraction technology to meet current market demands of licensed holders. As cannabis 2.0 continues to mature, more licensed holders and early mover extractors have concluded the need to improve current extraction methods and prove expertise beyond the first mover advantage. Receiving this patent proves we have accomplished a propriety sustainable method of extraction in the marketplace of extraction equipment. Receipt of this patent to our portfolio of intellectual property symbolizes a return on capital and resources that went towards our early stage research and development,” said Rosy Mondin, CEO of World Class.

Ultrasonic extraction isn’t particularly new. It is regularly used in the food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industries to release compounds like vitamins, polyphenols, polysaccharides, cannabinoids and other phytochemicals from plants. Sonication achieves superior extract yields in a short extraction time, saving both time and money, while giving high-quality extracts. What World Class Extractions’ patent (No. 10,851,077) does is entirely new, as it adds solvents to the mix for enhanced capability, and that’s something no other company is doing.

The company’s plant processing technology allows for extraction immediately following harvest. This includes the root and all other parts of the hemp plant, and uses ethanol for extraction instead of other toxic hydrocarbon solvents. The patented process also uses focused ultrasound to release cannabinoids from the hemp plant, producing CBD yields that are among the highest in the industry while minimizing biomass waste and solvent useage.

Patent provisions for the extraction process include:

  • compound removal,
  • purification,
  • cannabinoid isolation,
  • filtration, separation,
  • solvent recovery,
  • compound mixtures

It comes with fast set-up and mobile capabilities, making it environmentally friendly, and allowing for scale-able onsite processing that can handle any volume of plant material required.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: World Class Extractions is an marketing client.

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