Sonim Technologies (SONM.Q) partnership with Acuraflow may save lives

Sonim Technologies (SONM.Q) signed into a partnership deal with Acuraflow to supply their rugged phones to workers in the field in Latin America, according to a press release.

The partnership will open communication channels for field workers in public safety, oil and gas, mining, utilities, manufacturing and other work environments where communication is key for safety and efficiency. They’re the radio that police officers, firefighters and EMTs use in the field to radio back to dispatch. If they don’t work then lives are at serious risk of being lost.

“This new partnership will expand the distribution of Sonim’s ultra-rugged mobility solutions throughout Latin America. We’re bringing intrinsically safe devices to another part of world that hasn’t had access to this kind of technology, and Acuraflow is bridging that gap as a major distributor in Latin America,” said Michael Harlas, global channel manager for Sonim Technologies.

Sim Technologies is a U.S.-based provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions for task workers, providing a resolution for in-the-field communications for often mission critical roles. The solution is a mobile phone, accessories, and both data and workflow applications designed to maximize worker productivity and output.

“Partnering with Sonim allows Acuraflow customers to supply their workers with a robust smartphone that will keep them connected in the most extreme environments,” said Tennyson Reed, CEO of Acuraflow.

The company ensures that their mobile devices conform to their own standards, which consists of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability. They can also be cleaned and sanitized with bleach and isopropyl alcohol to ward off contamination from COVID-19.

—Joseph Morton

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