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February 28, 2024


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Windfall Geotek (WIN.C) plays their CARDS right for Orvana Minerals (ORV.T)

Windfall Geotek (WIN.C) and Orvana Minerals (ORV.T) inked an agreement yesterday to develop gold exploration targets at the 41.8 square kilometre Taguas project in the San Juan province of Argentina.

Windfall Geotek has used its proprietary CARDS artificial intelligence technology to help Orvana identify and confirm gold exploration targets through the creation of highly probable gold signatures for the desired area.

“We are excited about the identification of the 17 new gold targets, which, if confirmed through additional fieldwork, will materially increase the potential upside of Taguas. Fieldwork planned for the following months will provide key information to optimize the definition of the next drilling campaign. The company is taking advantage of new technologies to optimize the exploration programs and reduce costs, while advancing the project despite COVID-19 restrictions,” said Raul Alverez Cifuentes, head of exploration at Orvana.

The CARDS technology allows Windfall to analyze geophysical, geochemical and geological data to uncover any potential patterns within the data-stream owned by Orvana.

The Taguas project at a glance:

  • Seventeen highly probable gold targets have been identified.
  • Nine new areas.
  • Eight existing areas with known mineralization have been expanded.
  • All the targets identified are based on a level of similarity to the known gold mineralization at 96 per cent.

Windfall has used Orvana Minerals data to carry out the potential analysis with CARDS, including drill hole database, surface sample database, magnetic data and radiometric data at 10-metre resolution. The public shuttle radar topography mission data was used to characterize the topography.

“This contract clearly confirms that Windfall Geotek is the preferred global software choice for the use of artificial intelligence in mineral exploration. This project will serve as a great reference for our Latin American market development programs. It is great to see Orvana Minerals’ dynamic team take advantage of the strength that the CARDS AI machine learning can provide for its promising land package and datasets,” said Michel Fontaine, president and CEO of Windfall Geotek.

—Joseph Morton

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