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June 08, 2023


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Tempus Resources Discover the Driving Force Behind Sustainable Mining & Opportunities for Investors

Tempus Resources: Discover the Driving Force Behind Sustainable Mining & Opportunities for Investors

In today’s fast-paced global economy, industries across the board face immense challenges to balance financial success with sustainable practices. However, few industries face this challenge as starkly as the mining sector. With the spotlight firmly on the impact of mining on the environment and indigenous communities, mining companies are now striving for better ESG practices. One such company is Tempus Resources (TMRR.V), and we recently had a chat with its CEO, Jason Bahnsen, who gave us a glimpse into their approach towards sustainable mining and shared valuable insights into the company’s growth potential.

Jason Bahnsen, a seasoned executive with extensive industry experience, wears the CEO hat at Tempus Resources. Bahnsen’s nuanced knowledge of the industry comes from his experience with mining services and banking, offering him unique insights into the economic and environmental implications of mining operations. He shared, “I think people do have to have a little bit of patience. These things take a little bit of time but we’re trying to build some real value here.”

Tempus Resources is a company focused on establishing a steady cash flow. “If we can establish sort of cash flow from this… that’s a significant amount of sort of cash flow,” said Bahnsen. Unlike many small cap mining ventures that focus on raising money and potentially moving on to the next project, Tempus aims to create enduring value. It seeks to identify high-grade resources and optimizes existing infrastructure to facilitate this goal.

Bahnsen also hinted at the potential for major deposits in their operational region. Highlighting Tempus’ forward-thinking approach, Bahnsen revealed, “We have done regional geophysics, and that’s something else we’re going to start looking at this year. We have been focusing very much on drilling these veins. We’re going to have a drill program as well, but we’re also going to do some more regional reconnaissance mapping to look at the bigger picture because we think this project could also host major multiple million-ounce deposits or potentially copper mineralization as well generated all in the system.”

One of the most commendable aspects of Tempus Resources is its dedication to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG). The company places great emphasis on sustainable mining practices, which is integral to modern mining operations. “It’s something we take very seriously on both the environmental side and in our relations with First Nations groups that are our partners on the projects,” Bahnsen explained.

Tempus engages with First Nations groups, inviting their active participation in various aspects of the mining operation. Half of Tempus’ workforce has been sourced from the local Hoisin community, reflecting the company’s commitment to promoting indigenous employment. Tempus also adopts intensive environmental monitoring programs, showcasing its commitment to protecting the environment.

Despite being a relatively small player with a market cap of about $9 million, Tempus Resources’ strategic plans, environmental consciousness, and exciting projects give it a potential edge over its peers. The company is on the cusp of several exciting developments and is well worth keeping an eye on for investors interested in sustainable mining.

With a firm commitment to sustainability and strong investment prospects, Tempus Resources is gearing up to be a leader in the industry. In a sector often criticized for its environmental impacts, Tempus stands as an example of how mining can adapt and grow responsibly. Its story is one to watch as it blazes a trail for other mining companies to follow in the years to come.


*Full disclosure: Tempus Resources is an Equity Guru marketing client

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