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June 07, 2023


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Skyharbour (SYH.V) capitalizing on improving uranium fundamentals

Skyharbour (SYH.V) capitalizing on improving uranium fundamentals

The Athabasca Basin shines as the world’s best place to discover high-grade uranium and with nuclear power arguably the best emission-free base power option for our transition to green energy, the importance of developing domestic supplies of uranium has become paramount. In short, if you are a uranium explorer, the Athabasca Basin is the place to be.

Skyharbour Resources has 18 uranium exploration projects in the Athabasca Basin, ten of which are drill-ready, covering 460,000 hectares of mineral claims. This Canadian uranium junior, with its flagship Moore Uranium Project, is primed to capitalize on a rising uranium market and our global shift to renewable energy.

Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, sat down with director, president and CEO, Jordan Trimble, to dig into Skyharbour, its leadership, working in the Athabasca Basin and why investors should give Skyharbour serious consideration.


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