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November 29, 2023


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BC Bud Co (BCBC.C) showing weed stocks how it's done

BC Bud Co (BCBC.C) showing weed stocks how it’s done

Back in the 80’s when cannabis was anything but legal, bud grown in British Columbia was generally considered potent and top drawer. Now that the legal goal post has moved and cannabis across Canada is legal, bud from BC still holds that cache.

BC Bud Co has taken that truism to heart with its name and is the successful exception in a legal cannabis industry currently swirling in the toilet.

Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, explains why BC Bud Co is the first weed client he’s taken on in five years, why its leadership stands apart from the rest, how its product line excels and why investors should take a serious look at BC Bud Co.


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