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March 22, 2023


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BC Bud Co (BCBC.C) ringing in cannabis 2.0

BC Bud Co (BCBC.C) ringing in cannabis 2.0

Like the dot com boom, the cannabis revolution that began in 2015, grew to outrageous proportions with pre-revenue valuations distorted to the point of lunacy. Of course, when the world righted itself in 2018, legal cannabis plunged, destroying the sector and obliterating investor wealth.

However, again like tech after the dot com bust, cannabis hasn’t rolled over and died completely. There are phoenix companies rising from the ashes like Google and Amazon died after 2000. One of those 2nd generation legal cannabis ventures, is BC Bud Co (BCBC.C).

BC Bud Co, led by founder and CEO, Brayden Sutton, a legal cannabis icon, is smartly run, financially prudent and destined to grow even larger on a sustainable curve.

Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, sat down with Brayden to get a closer look at the company, legal cannabis and why investors may want put BC Bud Co on their investment radar.


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