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October 01, 2022


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ABCs of technical trading - First Glance with Jody Vance E108

ABCs of technical trading – First Glance with Jody Vance E108

There are basically two methods investors can use when making their stock trading decisions, fundamental analysis, where aspects such as company market cap, balance and income sheet numbers are used to gauge a stock’s potential for investment, and technical analysis, where trading activity is analyzed and investors examine trading candles and value trends to determine a stock’s worthiness. Unfortunately, technical analysis is somewhat esoteric and therefore is left at the curb when retail investors make their trades, when in fact, an understanding of technical trading combined with fundamental analysis can provide retail investors with a powerful investment tool not only letting them know who to invest in, but when to invest for optimal growth. So if you think head and shoulders is an anti-dandruff shampoo, this video is for you.

Today, Jody speaks with Equity Guru’s own technical trading guru, Vishal Toora, to get a breakdown of stock chart technicals, trading strategies and how investors can chart their way to significant value growth.