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April 19, 2024


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Last Mile’s (MILE.V) E-scooters are turning into food delivery fleets

On April 14, 2020 Last Mile Holdings (MILE.V) announced a new delivery service for restaurants, grocery stores, and other local businesses.

It’s a smart adaptive mechanism to offer local business an alternative to being gouged by food delivery companies.

Gotcha’s sit-down scooters and/or e-bikes will be available to these hard-hit vendors for $15 per day to deliver goods to customers – allowing local businesses to cut out 3rd-party delivery services, which typically charge 20 to 30 percent per order.

“Last Mile Holdings has been making food deliveries on our sit-down scooter for over a year with food delivery partners reporting over 30% efficiency improvements over deliveries that were made with a car or pedal bike,” stated Max Smith, Last Mile CEO.

Last Mile is a brand new company – so new it’s still bathed in amniotic fluid.

In this Last Mile Podcast, Guy Bennett talks to Mr. Smith about the timing of MILE’s IPO, worker safety, partnerships with restaurants, food delivery apps and Last Mile’s enticing value proposition to retailers.

Full Disclosure:  Last Mile is an Equity Guru marketing client


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