Are you guys pumpers?


Now and then, folks who don’t read the site will assume that, because we write about public companies and sometimes those companies pay us to be part of the conversation, that we are ‘pumpers’ – that is, we write nice things for money.

That’s not the case.

I mean, look, we take money from public companies for market awareness programs, that much is true. But so is the following:

  1. We reject as many companies as we accept as clients, when we believe the story we’re being told isn’t true, or the opportunity isn’t great
  2. We sell our attention, not our favour; that is, with thousands of companies to potentially write about, client companies get first dibs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the coverage is positive
  3. Quite often, when we negatively write about a client, they’ll fix whatever the problem was shortly thereafter

Now, I know you’re sitting in your swivel chair saying ‘bullshit’, and that’s fine. We would too.

So here’s a selection of stories where we went after the client for not delivering. Enjoy.

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Unreliable actors: How Nexus Gold (NXS.V) got shanked by ‘dark money’

Finally, here’s me at the 2018 VRIC Cambridge House Investor conference, talking about how we do what we do, and why you should trust nobody, even if they’re giving you money.