Wednesday Recap: China’s “Cautious Optimism”, and Blockchain Stuff

China is “Cautiously Optimistic” China’s chief negotiator said that he was “cautiously optimistic” about reaching a phase one trade deal with the US despite tensions over Hong Kong. Liu made the comment in a speech in Beijing, also highlighting China’s plan to reform state enterprises and enforcing intellectual property rights. […]

Tuesday Recap: Carl Icahn’s Big Short

Carl Icahn’s Big Short Billionaire Carl Icahn is betting against mall owners. He thinks they will be unable to service their debt. A lot many traders have made the same bet and lost millions of dollars, but it’s not something that’s stopping Icahn anytime soon. Icahn stands to gain as […]

Monday Recap: Cracks in the Canadian Economy, Aramco IPO, Powell Meets Trump

Aramco IPO Oil giant Aramco is gearing up for a valuation between $1.6 – $1.7 trillion for its initial public offering. While this is short of the initial $2 trillion mark the crown prince hoped for, it still boasts the world’s largest IPO offering. The firm released a statement on […]

Friday Recap: Cannapocalypse™, Dow Record, and Fed Report

Aurora CEO: “We will be profitable before others” Aurora Cannabis Inc. Chairman Michael Singer made a statement today that the firm will reach profitability before “any of its peers”, however, declined to comment by when this will happen. We spoke yesterday about the bloodbath that was Canopy and Aurora earnings. […]