Germany’s corporate codetermination – cunningly co-committed or cataclysmically codependent?

Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act (ACA) threatens to level the corporate playing field in America by bringing labor into the boardroom. Understandably, industrial lobbyists have crawled out of the rot of Washington’s woodwork to lambaste the ACA as a useless partisan ploy bent on destroying U.S. entrepreneurial spirit. So, is corporate codetermination cunningly co-committed or just cataclysmically codependent?

Pepsi, Nestle and Amazon: asymmetric risk and monopoly control

Two hundred years after the Sherman Anti-trust Act brought about the fall of Rockefeller’s monopoly control, Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren pushed for America to once again decide whether Pepsi (PEP.NASDAQ), Nestle (NESN.SWX) and Amazon (AMZN.NASDAQ) are agreeable corporate spouses or abusive partners slipping in after a trial separation, but in the age of post-modern capitalism are they just promoting ineffective black-and-white partisan politics in a complex world of grays?

Markets and the Middle East: A look at Gold, Oil, and Student Debt

BREAKING: Boeing 737 Jet Crashes in Iran due to technical issues after takeoff. Source (ISNA) Oil Stuff & The Middle East At least two airbases housing US troops in Iraq have been hit by more than a dozen ballistic missiles. Iranian state TV says the attack is a direct retaliation to the US killing top commander Qasem Soleimani. Presently, it’s unclear whether there are any casualties.