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The Nasdaq is Leading: Amazon All Time Record Highs!

The Nasdaq has quite clearly been leading. A lot of this has to do with Amazon hitting all time record highs, but other tech stocks have been seeing a bid. Investors are jumping in because most of the big tech companies have enough money to stave away this lock down. Not many are furloughing employees, and do not require government money.

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Roblox (RBLX) Stock to the Moon?

Roblox stock (RBLX) had a big day breaking into new all time record highs backed by a deal with Hasbro. What are the technical levels I am watching? And what are some fundamentals to consider for further upside momentum?

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Is the Federal Reserve Masking Inflation with Higher Oil Prices?

Oil prices remain a large driving force in determining where the US stock markets want to go. As soon as we hit our $66 target zone we got hit in all directions with events. The Suez Canal blockage being the most talked about. Inflation is a term used a lot, so let me introduce you to another way to look at inflation. Let’s go down the rabbit hole together.

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