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April 25, 2024


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Beyond Lithium's (BY.C) Victory Project Unveiling High-Grade Lithium Assays and Expanding Exploration Horizons

Beyond Lithium’s (BY.C) Victory Project: Unveiling High-Grade Lithium Assays and Expanding Exploration Horizons

Beyond Lithium Inc. (BY.C) has recently announced assay results from its Victory Project, revealing high-grade lithium deposits. Allan Frame, President and CEO, stated, “We are building a district-scale hub and spoke exploration portfolio around the Victory and Ear Falls projects. With excellent infrastructure, we expect a cost-effective exploration across our projects.”

The Victory Project, located in Ontario, has two newly discovered spodumene-bearing pegmatites: Last Resort and Bounty Gold. The Last Resort Pegmatite, situated in the western part of the project, has shown assays up to 5.11% Li2O. The Bounty Gold Pegmatite in the eastern part reported up to 3.48% Li2O. These findings are significant as they lie within a six-kilometer exploration corridor, hinting at a substantial lithium-rich area.

Lawrence Tsang, VP Exploration, expressed excitement over the results: “12 out of 14 samples grading over 1.00% Li2O from the Victory Project demonstrates the potential high spodumene mineralization.”

The Last Resort and Bounty Gold Pegmatites have been mapped extensively, revealing their considerable sizes and lithium-rich zones. The Last Resort Pegmatite, in particular, shows a promising zonation pattern with high lithium grades. Beyond Lithium’s strategic exploration approach aims to capitalize on these findings, with plans to submit drilling and trenching permit applications to the Ministry of Mines of Ontario soon.

Alain Lambert, Co-Founder, highlighted the broader exploration strategy, “We anticipate results from various projects, including Wisa Lake and Case Lake. The recent discoveries by our neighbor, Libra Lithium, bolster our prospects in the region.”

The company’s district-scale approach and infrastructure advantages position it strongly in the lithium market. The Victory Project’s proximity to key infrastructure, like the Canadian Pacific Railway and Highway 17, adds to its logistical strengths.

In addition to these developments, Beyond Lithium has appointed Etienne Moshevich as Director of Communications. Frame commented, “Etienne’s expertise will be invaluable as we expand our exploration efforts and communicate our progress.”

Quality assurance and control protocols have been strictly followed in sample collection and analysis, ensuring the reliability of the assay results.

Overall, Beyond Lithium Inc. stands at the forefront of lithium exploration in Ontario, with its Victory Project showcasing promising results and a strategic approach to exploration and development in the lithium sector.

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