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February 20, 2024


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AMPD (AMPD.CN) launches new website, provides corporate updates

AMPD Ventures (AMPD.CN), is a Canadian company providing cutting-edge performance computing solutions for video game development, esports, film and entertainment, AI, and big data.

Today, the Company announced the launch of a new, investor-focused website ( addressing the opportunity represented by the new era of digital content creation and distribution. AMPD Technologies and Departure Lounge, subsidiaries of AMPD Ventures, websites continue to be available at and

“Revamping our web presence to more clearly delineate our messaging to investors and our messaging to customers will help both investors and customers alike gain a clear understanding of the value of each of the companies in our group,” said James Hursthouse, CEO at AMPD Ventures Inc. “AMPD Ventures is the public top company where we aim to create meaningful shareholder value by leveraging opportunities across the new era of immersive digital content. We are doing this by assembling a portfolio of complementary subsidiaries, each of which is focused on a key value-creation point in that ecosystem.”

“As the world transitions to fully immersive 3D digital environments and applications, we are already seeing customer demand for the new production technologies and creative approaches offered by Departure Lounge,” Hursthouse continues, “and we are already seeing customer demand for the next-gen, high-performance computing infrastructure offered by AMPD Technologies Inc. While our subsidiaries benefit from partnering with each other, each subsidiary is designed to drive value to the AMPD group through its own independent mission and mandate.”

Recently, AMPD Ventures did announce layoffs and a commitment to reducing monthly expenses and strengthening its endeavour to be cash flow neutral this summer. Certain areas of the business are being evaluated and being reformulated to adopt less capital-intensive approaches and drive cashflow by Summer 2023.

For more information on what this means for investors, be sure to check out Chris Parry’s thoughts on AMPD building sustainability for long term returns:


AMPD has provided a corporate update in today’s press release and has announced a plan to implement a six-point strategic growth plan across the group:

  1. Growth through new technologies and workflows: Departure Lounge is already generating service revenue from its volumetric capture stage, and other innovative real-time and virtual production techniques.
  2. Growth through new media formats and cross-media approaches: Departure Lounge’s recent co-production with Vancouver-based music label, Monstercat, of a fully immersive, 3D music video for artist DJ Whipped Cream was recognized as an Official Selection at the prestigious SXSW 2023 festival.
  3. Growth through new platforms: We recognize the importance of new channels of content distribution. For example, the world’s first ever holographic Snapchat filter was produced to promote the 12th instalment of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” movie series using Metastage Volumetric Capture technology.
  4. Growth through entering high-growth, emerging markets: There are rapidly burgeoning audiences for digital content in new markets around the world, as well as investment and incentives that make those markets attractive. AMPD Technologies’ ongoing engagement with Thailand’s MQDC for its ‘Cloud 11′ next-generation Metaverse and Movie Production facility in Bangkok is a case in point, as is Hursthouse’s recent invitation to participate in the first global Media Production Industry Summit at NEOM in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Growth through new sectors: Our expertise, technologies, and capabilities now apply equally to enterprise, educational and commercial applications as well as entertainment.
  6. Growth through facilitating new stories and new storytellers: We aim to ensure that all voices are heard in the new era of digital content. An example is the work Departure Lounge conducted with Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week in December 2022, creating a range of high-quality holograms of the models and fashion on display.


This press release comes after the AMPD Ventures announced it has closed the first tranche of its previously announced non-brokered private placement of convertible debenture units at a price of CAD $11,000 per unit for aggregate gross proceeds of up to CA$770,000, which had since been upsized to provide for the issuance of Units for aggregate gross proceeds of up to CA$880,000. The first tranche consisted of the issuance of 50 Units for aggregate gross proceeds of CA$550,000.


TradingView Chart

The stock is currently down -8.33% today and sits at a market cap around CAD $6.5 million.

The trendline failed to break when AMPD was testing it in early March 2023. I told readers that this would be a bullish trigger if accomplished.

However, the stock broke down on the layoff and restructuring news breaking below $0.10 and slicing through previous all time lows at $0.075 printing new all time record lows at $0.03. The stock has attempted to fill the gap, but selling pressure is coming near the gap highs and resistance at $0.075. From a technical perspective, AMPD gets bullish once a close above this gap and $0.075 is achieved. If not, selling pressure can continue, perhaps the stock then consolidating in a range here.





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