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July 20, 2024


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Bigg Digital Assets (BIGG.C) now includes Dogecoin and Dash support

Bigg Digital Assets (BIGG.C) now includes Dogecoin and Dash support

Bigg Digital Assets (BIGG.C) subsidiary Blockchain Intelligence Group has expanded their support network to include the dash and dogecoin cryptocurrencies.

Now exchanges, banks and law enforcement and track, trace and assign a risk score for both dash and doge. These two bring Blockchain Intelligence Group’s total supported blockchains to 11, as well as the more than 372,000 ERC-20 tokens.

“Convenience is driving the adoption of crypto. Integrating dash and dogecoin adds to our world-class investigation and compliance analytics for blockchains,” said Lance Morginn, president, Blockchain Intelligence Group.

This is part of Bigg’s drive towards ushering in a new age of a safe, compliant and regulated cryptocurrency space, which is something that it’s sorely needed for years. Especially when you consider the sheer amount of scam coins, and ponzi schemes presently operating in the open.

Bigg Digital’s investment choices and products surround this idea. They have three portfolio companies—including Netcoins, a completely regulated cryptocurrency exchange that’s growing at a rapid rate. Blockchain Intelligence Group, which handles the blockchain forensics aspect, and TerraZero, their metaverse development wing.

Specifically, they’re talking about Blockchain Intelligence’s flagship product, QLUE, which is a blockchain data analytics and visualization machine that’s used by governments, financial institutions and law enforcement around the world. It maps the flows of cryptocurrency along their respective blockchains, giving investigators a steady roadmap to the wallets and addresses of some of the worst people and organizations doing business in crypto.

The interesting point is that after the addresses of these so-called worst people on the blockchain have been discovered, BitRank Verified, another of BIGG’s core products, gives it a ranking score to give an indication of the risk factor involved in dealing with them.

It makes sense that Blockchain Intelligence would follow both Dash and Doge. For example, over 10,000 online retailers and merchants accept Dash, and there are 250 dash-enabled ATMs in the Americas and Europe. It was originally designed to be a more cost-effective and efficient electronic alternative to Bitcoin. Doge, of course, is the meme coin, and considered a lead tipping coin on Reddit, and it’s also used sometimes for crowdfunding charitable causes.

—Joseph Morton

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